the Third Age

The Third Age: For a thousand years, the “gods” taught only of themselves. The Devils, Gods, Kronos and Shamans were nothing more than ancient rumors. But in victory the “god” became bored and sought other amusement.

The “god” Pan created the first of the Monsters: Godzilla. This Beast delighted the Titans but unlike humans it could not be controlled. Godzilla was too powerful and Odin desired to destroy it. But Godzilla nearly killed Odin before it retreated into the deep seas. This so pleased the other gods, many other massive Monsters were created for sport and battle.

Then the “gods” started to make smaller, more precise creatures. Most of the Monsters were failed experiments released into the wilds. But there were some that were in the eyes of the “gods” perfect. These were the Orcs, Skavan, Slad, Kongmen, Goblin, Gnoll and Xorn.

These creatures were diverse, strong and intelligent. And they worshiped the “god” alone. They did not know of the Gods or the Devils, unlike the humans. Slowly the Monsters began to replace humans at the center of societies. And Man went from slave to cattle.

To control and care for the Monsters, a new class was made. These were the Warlocks. As the Warlocks became more powerful in society, the Sorcerers declined. But the Sorcerer would not surrender their place of power without a fight. There were rebellions, wars and chaos.

During this time, the Gods sent forth Eight Hundred and Eighty-Eight Angels. They traveled in secret. They taught mankind the secrets of war. They taught them Magic and they ways of the Sword. They taught them the true history of Ert and their role not as slaves but as conquers.

The Titans were detracted by the Sorcerer Rebellions. By the time they discovered the Angels, they were ready. It was open war. And the Angels, Mankind and Shamans fought against the “gods” and their minions.

In the end, the Angels won. The Gods then summoned the surviving Angels and Heroes to Heaven. And for the first time, Man was free and left to his own fate.

the Third Age

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