the Second Age

The Gods, now voiceless, summoned the Devils to return to them. So that the two could reunite and be whole. The Devils refused. The Devils names were Asmodeus, Orcus, Satan, Luther, Mammon and Bel’.

Instead the Devils told Humanity that they were the Gods. They then took control of Mankind and build six great Nation dedicated to their worship. These nations were Scandinavia, Asia, Mesopotamia, Brazil, Australia and Prussia.

Thor and his followers were powerless before the Devils and retreated into the wilderness. They were seen as enemies. For a thousand years they were hunted. The Druids and other Shamans went into hiding too.

The most remarkable of this time period is the peace. There was no war between the nations. There was no interaction between the nations. It was a time of order.

As these Nations grew, the Devils had children to help them rule. Known as the the Titans. The first and most powerful of the Titans were Odin, Ra, Zues and Marduke but there were others. The Devils wanted their Children to serve by their side but they refused. They lusted for worship even more than their Devil fathers. They left and created their own Nations and Religions.

These Nations were the Viking Nation of Odin. The Egyptian nation of Ra. The Greece Islands of Zues. And the Assyrian Nation of Marduke. Soon after there was the Mayan, Aztec and Zulu nations.

Thousand of years pass. As the Nations grew larger, the Devils taught a select some Magic to be their Overlords. These were the Sorcerers. And the below them the Warriors. The masses of humanity were slaves who’s only purpose was to labor for the Devils and worship them.

There was some wars with the Titan Nations. As the Titans were always seeking to expand their power.

During this time the Gods did make several failed attempts to court the Devils to them. They also sent the Living Flame to slay the Devils. This creature nearly succeeded.

Then returned the lost Shaman, Kronos the Aether-Shaman. Long before, he had become obsessed with Death. Death is a unique power not of the Gods or Idar. A universal power that when the Idar Princes had nearly killed him a thousand years before, Kronos became obsessed to learn. He had abandoned his post in the First Age. Now after challenging Death itself, he returned as a new more powerful creature.

Upon his arrival, the Devil Mammon was the first to discover him. He summon Kronos and ordered him to knell before him. Kronos refused and drew his blade. Mammon attack the Aether-Shaman and Kronos killed him.

Death was unknown to the Devils. And fearing it at the hands of Kronos, they begged for banishment. It was long known that the Gods wanted to unify with the Devils, but the still refused it. That too would be death for them.

The Gods created Hell for them to reside and the Devils retreated there with many of their followers. And Hell was sealed with a great gate.

Kronos then turned his attention to the Titans. They were numerous now as they had children of their own known as Giants. Kronos knew these creatures were not of the Gods. He set about destroying them. He could not be stopped.

Then Zues and his brothers had a bold scheme. When Kronos came to him they offered to surrender to him if he could solve their puzzle. Kronos accepted the challenge. But when they brought him to the puzzle, it was a vault. They sealed it.

Fearing Kronos would escape, the sank the prison into the deeps of the ocean. Kronos is said to sleep at the bottom of the Sea in dreams of madness.

Then the surviving Titans and their many children took control of Ert. They divided the land into many countries and had humanity worship them. They claim themselves the gods.

the Second Age

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