the Fourth Age

The Fourth Age: At first mankind was organized into clans and small kingdoms ruled by terrible despots only interested in their own profits. There were still great Monsters Empires that challenged Man’s survival. There were also some lesser Giants that escaped the Angels and return to rule distant lands. And always the Sorcerers, with their magic of control and trickery, hiding within humanity pulling the strings.

In the 11th Century, a Mongolian Warlord Genghis Khan conquered most of human lands into one great Empire. Larger than any before it. Genghis Khan then used this Empire to destroy the Gnolls and wipe out the Orcs of Europe. Upon Khan’s death, the Empire fell apart. But it was a very important event as it showed that humanity could defeat the Monsters.

Then came the Black Death. Released by the Skaven, This sickness wiped out half of humanity. A Dark Age followed where many people returned to the old religions and worship of the “gods”. Some of the Nations of Men crumbled to the Monsers. The Kingdom of the Vikings and the Isles of Greece had already be destroyed. Others were falling.

After five hundred years of depression and defeat, there came a Renaissance. New ideas, new philosophies, new magics, advancements in science, medicine and technology in the great capitals of the world.

Angelic Catholicism is on the rise. The Printing Press allows the quick and easy spread of ideas and Magic. The Musket pushed back the Monsters. Modern sails united the world in trade. The Steam Engine created Railroads. It is the Dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

the Fourth Age

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