the First Age

The First Age:

Ert is an the sixth of seven moon that orbits a Red Gas Giant. It is Earth size.

It is unknown for how long the Alien race of the Idar lived on Ert. Or if they created the plants and animals. The Idar kept no written history.

The Six Gods of Man discovered Ert and desired it. The brought forth five clans of men to conquer it. These were the Scandinavia, the Asians, the Persians, the Caucasian and the Congoid. These clans were lead by the Five Immortal Shamans of Inferno, Ice, Avalanche, Storm and Aether.

Upon arrival to Ert, the Shaman immediately tested the strength of the Idar. Their early victories gave them confidence and they boldly pressed war. Unknown to the Shaman was the Idar Prince who were the guardians of the Idar. When they came to battle, the Shamans were caught off guard by such power. The Shaman’s of Inferno and Ice were kill. And the Shaman of Aether was left for dead.

The Shaman of Aether, laying near death, saw a Spirit of Death consuming the dead souls around him. He is said to have hid his soul from the Spirit until his body could recover and therefore escape death. But seeing the cause of humans helpless before the Idar Princes, he followed the Spirit.

Meanwhile, it was fortunate for Mankind that it was not in the Idar’s nature to destroy. Once the humans retreated, the Princes withdrew. The two Shamans now changed their tactics and found homes for their clans. The others clans, now leaderless did the same.

In the North, Storm-Shaman Thor brought the Scandinavians to Norway where he made his Viking Kingdom. In the South, Avalanche-Shaman Montezuma made his home in the Amazon. They taught a select few their magics. And they worked the land and allowed Mankind to repopulate from the terrible defeat.

For seven hundred years, the Shaman’s directed Man. The great Viking and Mayan nations grew. But the Gods were not pleased.

The Gods grew impatient and directed the Shamans to fight the Idar. The Shamans would make moves against small Idar settlements for land. But whenever the Shamans were press upon, the Princes would arrive. Whatever small gains made from the Idar would come at great cost.

The Gods send the Shaman reinforcements. Most of them have been forgotten except for the Druids. These were the Masters of Animals sent to help the Shamans. But even the Druids could not confront the Idar Princes.

Then came a shift in the Idar’s Tactics. They stopped withdrawing and started hunting. The Princes we now aggressively attacking the Zulu Empire. When the Princes moved on the city of Machu Pikchu, Montezuma made a last stand there. And when the Idar Princes killed him the gods panicked.

They are said to have torn off their shadows and tossed them to Ert. They arrived as Six Devils. The Devils moved to engage the Princes. But Idar Princes sense their great power and immediately fled. Not just from the battlefield but from Ert itself.

With their champions gone, the Idar quickly fell. And in no time the world was conquered. And so ended the First Age of Ert.

the First Age

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