the Fifth Age

The Fifth Age: There is an Axiom known by all on Ert, “Anything created by the Titans cannot be destroyed”. The monuments, bridges, roads, forts and even the coins created in the First and Second Age seems immune to time and humanity. But in 1886, the modern Spanish Frigate, Reina Roja, fired a siege of Artillery rounds at the Ancient Immortal White Tower of the Witching Queen in the center of Savannah, Georgia. And it crumbled.

It was the start of a New Age.

In the world right now is the rise of the Spanish Empire and it’s many colonies and wars. After the English Navy suffered a terrible defeat at the hands of the Spanish Amanda three hundred years ago, the History of Ert starts to greatly differ from that of Earth.

Spain become a great power along with Post Neapolitan France, England and the Dutch. Germany is recovering from its defeat by France and the roots of Nazism is rising in power there. Russia is in civil war with the Marxist. Meanwhile the Confederate States of the North Americas is a growing power. And the continent of the Orcs is giving way to the New Americas in the East.

But despite all the advancements of Humanity, Australia has fallen to the Skaven and they have a great stronghold there. The Kongmen populate all of Antarctica and are a powerful rival to humanity. The Slad still control half of the world’s island. And there are rumors of the mysterious Xorn, creating new monsters from the remains of dead Titans.

the Fifth Age

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