Magic Items

Common Magic

Amulet of Extended Charge 30gp
Spells cast on the Hero last an additional hour.

Circle Stones 100gp
Make the ritual of creating a Circles take 10 less minutes

Charmer Dust 10 doses / 8gp
Increases the durations of charms to an Hour.

Rings & Accessories

Ring of Fortitude 20gp
Hit Points +1 & Fortitude +1

Ring of Focus 15gp
Will +1

Ring of Comfort 30gp
Heal +1

Ring of Health 35gp
Hit Points +3 & Heal +1

Ring of Armor 50gp
Armor +1 & Reflex +1

Tie Clip of Fortune 50gp
Fate +1

Cufflinks of Power 85gp
Melee +0 / +1

Magical Shirts & Undergarments

Underwear of Extreme Comfort 39.9gp
Negates the penalty for healing for discomfort and wearing armor.

Enchanted Silk Shirt 99gp
Armor +1

Underwear of Protect 49gp
Fortitude +1 and Bleed (-1)

Slippers of Evasion 120gp
Evade +1 & Fall (-2)

Armored Cloak of Anonymity 120 gp
Armor +1 and Threat (-2)

Slippers of Speed 150gp
Quickness 7 or Quickness (-1)

Military Leather Jacket 230gp
Evade +1 & Hit Points +2 (non-armor)

Enchanted Chainmail 175 gp
Armor +2, Fortitude +1, Heal +1 & Melee +0 / +1
Fatigue 18

Stones & Crystals

Mana Crystal, Uncommon 20gp
+0 Mana Point when activated

Mana Crystal, Uncommon 50gp
+1 Mana Point when activated

Crystal, rare 160gp
+2 Mana points when activated

Load Stone 250gp
A powerful item used in many Rituals. Activation it makes it heavier for weeks. Gives 5 mana points when used correctly.

Magic Items

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