Low Magic, Charms


Charms are the most common of the low Magics. They take time to cast and only have a short duration. However there are many spells and items that help with this.

A person can only have one Active Charm at any given time. But they can have several inactive charms (though items, spell, etc…) on them.

All Charms are a base of 20 minutes duration.

Level 1

Charm of Strength
Target gets Fortitude +1, Melee +0 / +2 and Thrown +0 / +1

Charm of Shield
Target gets a Damage Shield of d4.

Charm of Protection
Target is Bleed (-1)

Charm of Willpower
Target is Will +2

Charm of Intimidation
Target threat increases by +5

Charm of Not Food
Target taste horrible, he is less likely to be eaten or bitten.

Charm of Diminished
Target gets threat decreases by (-3).

Charm of Elemental Protection
Target gets Armor +1 vs. all Elemental Base Attacks.

Charm of Health
Target is Heal +1

Level 2

Charm of Balance
Target gets Reflex +1 and Evade +1

Charm of Armor
Target is Damage Shield 1 point and Armor +1

Charm of Empathy
Target gets greater Empathy from NPCs.

Charm of Fire Resistance
Target gets Armor 3 vs all Fire & Acid

Charm of Ice Resistance
Target gets Armor 3 vs all Frost

Charm of Night Vision
Target gets Awareness at night and night vision

Charm of Glide
Target has Reflex +1 & Fall +12

Charm of Spider Climb
Target gets Climb +8

Level 3

Charm of Haste
Target is Quickness 5

Charm of Defection
Target gets Reflex 17+ to void out any missile attacks.

Low Magic, Charms

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