To Advance in level is the follow
2nd +300 Exp
3rd +700 Exp
4th +1200 Exp
5th +1800 Exp
6th +2500 Exp

A typical night can earn from 50 to 250 experience from my experience.

Basic fight 5 experience (Important +5)
Tough Fight 10 Experience (Important +15)
Epic Fight 30 Experience (Important +20)
So making sure fights are not random and meaningless is a nice way to earn extra experience.

Completing Goals
Minor Goal +10
Major Goal +25
Epic Goal +50

And From Time
Each Month Active/Travel/New 10 Experience
Each Month Static/Routine 5 Experience

Motivations! These are things important to a character that gives him extra experience. It help also to define his actions. Here are the Motivations I have so far…

Survival vs. Dominance: Each Hero chooses one of the following.

Heroes that are Survival are seeking to survive combat. If you win a fight and are not unconscious or dying you get a bonus of +5 / +10 experience points. You also get +5 experience for saving the lives of others.

These are Heroes that are motivated by their Ego to be the stars of a battle. They brag about their exploits and feats. They get the following bonus.
Dominating a fight (being one of the superstars) +10 / +20!
Feats of Bravery +5

Gold, Power or Sacrifice: Each Hero chooses one of the following.

Gold This Hero gets a small bonus for acquiring money and items (+5 / +10). They are often motivated by money in many of their choices.

Power This Hero gets a small bonus for making powerful contacts or being put in positions of power. They will often accept favors as payment instead of gold (+5 / +10)

Sacrifice This Hero gets a small bonus for putting others before themselves (+5 / +10).

Lastly there is a Session Bonus. This can make up nearly 50% of a nights experience. It is given out by the GM based upon the real time and quality of the night. These points are decided using one of the following systems.

Despotism: The points are divided by the number of levels in the party and each share is given by level to each character. Basically the majority of the Experience goes to the Top. Great for “Evil” parties or one that centers around one Hero.

Military Despotism As Despotism but the higher ranks get the bonus experience points.

Communism: The points are divided evenly between all the characters. This is the most common way to divide the bonus. It is a well rounded party where everyone is seen as the same.

Socialism: The points are divided by the number of levels in the party but are more shares are given to the lower levels. It is the inverse of Despotism. This is good for parties that are supportive of each other with many teacher and role-models in it. Great for deadly campaigns.


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