The World of Ert takes place before Woman Suffrage has taken place. So anyone wanting to play a female Hero will face extreme prejudge from the world. In most societies, Women are nearly property.

Now it is a fantasy world and there have been some Women Heroes. Some of the Angels were women. But it is still rare.

However there are the Amazons. In the ancient Greeks, there were women Warriors that were respected. They were a cult of women that went though a system of self-mutation and self-denial to become the Amazons.

After the Greeks, there were other “Amazon” cults in other cultures. Still rare but all had the same theme. The women would do something extreme to get Rights in society. To be recognized, heard and respected.

In the Angelic Wars, the Amazons raised they stock further by being Heroes of that War.

Now in the 11th Century the Amazons were destroyed by the Slads along with the Greek culture. But this hasn’t stopped the “Amazon” movement.

In the World of Ert, any woman in MOST cultures (there are some where even Amazons are not respected) can go though a ritual where they become an “Amazon”. Often this is a Tattoo on the face or neck.

Now they have also sworn to all the Amazon cult of self-denial and self-mutations, but there is not Amazon Police so to speak. It is now on the Honor System. So most modern Amazons really are just “Amazons”. Women that are gaming the system.

Getting this tattoo tells the outside world that the woman is an Amazon. Now there is A LOT of social stigma associated to it.

The Amazon now has full citizenship. The rights to bear Arms. The rights to own land. And many others.

So for any female players, you are an “Amazon” (or a real Amazon, your call).


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