Alchemy, Items

“Potato” Masher Grenades

Explosive, 6gp
R8+ to hit area
R13+ or 3d6+3 damage

Tear Gas, 5gp
R8+ to hit area
F10+ or Stun each round

Dynamite, stick 1gp
R9+ to hit area
R12+ or 1d10 damage

Dynamite, bomb 3.2gp
R9+ to hit area
R14+ or 3d10 damage

Common Potions

Healing, 3gp
Bleed (-1) & Cure 1d6+1

Acute Concentration, 3gp
Will +2 & Force March

Haste, 4gp
Quickness 6

Bounce, 4gp
Leap +5 & Fall +8

Anonymity, 4gp
Reduces Threat to Zero

Barkskin, 5gp
Armor +1

Endure Elements, 6gp
DR 3 vs. all elemental attacks

Strength, 8gp
Fortitude +2, Melee +0 / +2 & Thrown +0 / +1

Balance, 9gp
Reflex +2 & Evade +1

Heroism, 10gp
Combat +1 / +1 & Bleed (-1)

Stoneskin, 16gp
All damage 50%

Instant Heal, 13gp
Bleed (-1) & Aid 1d6+1

Common Pills

Pain Killers, 2gp for 10
Cure 1d4

Focus, 2gp for 10
Will +1

Health 2gp for 10
Damage Shield 1 pt

Alchemy, Items

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