the Fifth Age of Ert

Recap 16

The Party fought their way deep into the Goblin King’s Lair, defeating more of his champions. Then they were contacted by a Warlock telling the party to leave. The Party made some demands and the Warlock told them to return to the Lake and awake the King’s answers. So that is what the party did.

But they grew impatient waiting for the King’s reply (1 day) so they turned back. They discovered an ambush being created by Warlock using giant spiders. And while they were surprised, the ambush failed. The Warlock fled into the darkness.

After more exploring, they came upon the Goblin Royal Guards. They engaged them but in a single round, they badly wounded half of them. The Royal Guards fled.

The Party pressed forward until they reached the throne room of the Goblin King. By this point the goblins were demoralized. The thousand Ice Goblins parted before the Party as they made their way to the King.

Using the Warlock as an inept interpreter, they tried to make their demands to the King. Frustrated the King brought forth his collection of Magical Weapons, five enchanted items. He hoped the Party would point to the weapon they wanted. They Party accepted them as tribute and agreed to leave taking all the weapons.

Outside, the made their way to the Temple of the Sun. They were quickly caught by the pair of Giants that brought them to the Dungeon. They demanded the Spear of Ullag. The Party gave it to them. The Giant then claim the Spear for himself and tried to kill the Party. It was a tough fight, but the Party killed the two Giants and their Wargs.

They then made their way into the deep arctic that was the final stretch of their journey. The winds made the temperature in the deep negatives and they wondered if they could make it up the mountain. Once they reached the Temple of the Sun, it was warmer.

They made their way inside. They were greeted by the ancient Orc Blue Song… and that is where we left it for the night.


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