the Fifth Age of Ert

Recap 15

The Party made their way up to Tower into a house on ground level. After getting pass the the centipedes, they found a second level bedroom. This room was uninfected with bugs and they camped here to heal. The found the bed to be magical in nature and healing went a little faster.

They also found more jugs of potions outside. This house/tower was on the mountain next to where they were going. They could see the Stairs of the Moon in the distance. But had no way of getting there. Plus they saw a giant, monstrous Centipede on the outside.

After exploring and looting, they went back into the Goblin Tunnels. There they had another massive battle with goblins. The Artificer was almost captured. The Magician was knocked unconscious. They also had to fight some Snow Lions.

After that fight, they found the goblins had retreated again. They explored the abandoned tunnels finding different caves where the goblins live. They also found a little of young snow lions they goblin domesticate. The Squire took one to raise for himself.

We ended the night with the party going deeper into the Ice Goblin’s King domain.

The Artificer and Squired leveled to fourth. The Magician leveled to second.


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