the Fifth Age of Ert

Recap 14

The party (Arms Master, Squire, Artificer and Magician) all rested on the far side of the room away from the animated Armored Skeletons. It was two days of paranoid, boring resting until the Squire was conscious again.

They explored the room finding a way into an ancient dungeon. Prisoners were held and torched here long ago. Many of them died in their cells leaving behind skeletons. The room was haunted by a magical fear and the party quickly moved on.

They wanted to explore past the Armored Skeletons, but were afraid of activating them again while they were so badly wounded. But they decided to do so again. The activated the Skeletons. The Arms Master distracted them, while the others explored. They found many rooms and chambers but it was a dead-end. Except for a locked door.

They ended up needing to fight the Skeletons but they choose a tactical spot where they could bottleneck the encounter. They destroyed them rather quickly.

Then they went to work on the stone around the locked door. It seemed to be an addition and wasn’t titan made. Using the Artificer’s Soften Stone Ritual and the Squire’s Crowbar, they were able to detach the door.

It lead to the basement of a Wizard’s Tower. Inside the basement was a collection of worthless things. They made it though the trap door into a storage room also of worthless things. The next door was closed and it lead to a room full of giant Centipedes.

The party fought them and didn’t do so well against the venomous bugs. They manage to kill them but both the Squire and Arm’s Master were infected by the poison. The Squire fell unconscious (again!) and the Arm’s Master felt he didn’t have a lot of time. Hours maybe days.

In the next room it was filled with hundreds of baby Centipedes. Not a direct threat to the party but still venomous.

It was an Alchemist Workshop. In it they found several jugs of finished potions: Healing, Strength, Balance, Health and Poison. The Healing helped the Poisoned Heroes slightly but didn’t cure their infection. And the Magician, sampling all the potions was affected by the deadly poison.

He manage to stop the internal bleeding but he is suffering too from the poison he drank. He also found several Magician items including a Wizard’s Magical Suit.

We rapped the night with both the Arm’s Master and Squire unsure of their fate.

Experience: The Arm’s Master is now 4th.


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