the Fifth Age of Ert

Recap 12

The Longbowman was held by the Orc Warlock WarPig. WarPig told the Longbowman that if they were to deliver the Daughters of Red Cloud to him that he would reward them with gold. He then released the Ranger to deliver his message to the Arms Master.

From there the party made their way into the Lair of Magnamar. They made their way to the Tomb of the Wraith and found several magical items they had forgotten to take the time before.

Then the Squire and Longbowman dashed pass the Earth Elemental into a part of the dungeon avoid before. The Longbowman was knocked unconscious but survived the Elemental. The Squire found himself in a large temple room with nothing of value expect for a tiny amount of Magical Glowing Water.

He sipped some of the water and after a painful few minutes when all the toxins in his body came out of him, he felt wonderful. Amazing really, healthier even a little younger. He gave the water to the Longbowman who had the same experience but was also healed of most of the damage he had taken.

Then the Arms Master decided to join them but when he tried to pass the Earth Elemental he was crushed. A private and the Medic rushed to save him. They did but the Medic was crushed in the process.

The Longbowman and Squire returned (the Elemental now ignored them). They gave the Arms Master some of the water and he too was revived. They then talked the Artificer into drinking the water. They also gave some to the Duelist.

From there they crossed the bridge that exposed them to Magnamar. Most of the party crossed but one of the Privates fell. While trying to recuse them, Magnamar splashed lava at them. The Party avoided it but the Private died.

The Squire felt that Magnamar personally noticed him. He wasn’t sure why or what this meant. More of the Soldiers cross with another dying as Magnamar killed him like a person annoyed by flies buzzing around him.

There were more dangers in the dungeon but the party avoided them all. They then came upon a Balcony they missed the time before. From this vantage point, they had a clear view of Magnamar and the area.

The Longbowman decided to shoot an arrow at Magnamar in hopes he would think the Orcs were disturbing him. He did a brilliant shot wounding the ancient destroyer. A beast so great and powerful that even the Titan feared it. A power from a different age that survived the Angels trying to kill it.

He then ducked down out of sight on the balcony much like a school boy playing a prank. Then a wave of lava overcame the Balcony. He was instantly near death. The Squire risked his life to save him. And he did so. But the surviving Longbowman was crippled, dying. An open wound unable to get the medical attention. His situation seem hopeless. With his last breath he asked the Party for a quick death. The Arms Master shot him.

The Party then left behind their few surviving Privates. They left the Dungeon only to find the once empty courtyard now full of Orcs. They waited a couple of days, then passed though the Orc camp at night.

They found the Map Room guarded by some Scorpion-Men (more like Silverfish-Men). Unable to find an easy path round them, they attack and quickly killed them. They then found the location on the map of where the Shrine of the Daughter of the Sun.

They then left. They got by the Orcs and most of the dangers, except Magnamar killed one more soldier as he tried to pass over the bridge. Because he is kind of a dick that way.

We ended the night when the Party returned to Montreal. While they still had plenty of supplies, several of them needed serious repairs because of Lava damage.

The Balcony


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