the Fifth Age of Ert

Recap 5

Tonight was a small party with the Duelist, Artificer and Squire only attending. They were still trapped in the Dungeon with all exits blocked by Orcs. As we left off last week, they were standing before the Temple of the Earth deep inside the dungeon.

They went into the Circle Room and found an active circle. They deactivated the circle. Meanwhile, the Artificer found two Earth spells written in the walls. These spells were easy for her to learn.

The first was an Harden Stone and the other was a Soften Stone spell. Normally it takes days to learn a spell and days more to master them. But for some reason it only took her an hour to learn them.

Meanwhile, the Squire found a little statue of a cartoony Monkey-Man holding two spears. He kept it but unfortunately he cut himself on it when handling it. The Artificer also cut herself on it. Later someone else decided to handle it and was cut. They decided it was cursed but he kept it anyhow.

They then entered the Tombs. The Duelist was not affected by the Magical Fear protecting the Tombs. So he lead the party inside. After passing rows of the dead, they found a sarcophagus. Using the crowbar the Squire found earlier, they opened it. When they did, the lid exploded damaging them.

A Wraith came out and attacking the Heroes. They were fighting back, but didn’t even know if they were hurting it. They reached the point of retreating for fear of death, when the Duelist killed the Wraith with a retreating blow. The Wraith exploded and the party barely survived it.

The Artificer was at 1 hp, while the other two were unconscious. They spent the night in the tomb healing but the Squire was still too wounded. They dragged him out and spent the day nursing him to consciousness.

They went down the main hallway into the Temple but found it guarded by a Large Earth Elemental. The Artificer nearly died trying to approach it. The Party decided it was too powerful to fight and left. They decided to focus on finding a way out.

They followed the aqueduct for a while unit it went into the stone. They continued along that tunnel and found the main exit next to Magnamar and the Orcs. At this point they felt they had explored most of the dungeon.

They spent some time on the question of finding a way out. The Duelist being an Engineer thought there must be more to the aqueduct. That the Mayans could just “Magical” create it but must have built it. And this meant an access tunnels. And when they returned to the Mayan Face, and he could see the access tunnel for the lava it was confirmed.

Using the Soften Earth spells, plus some picks made by the Squire using Orc spears and ancient mining tools of the Mayan’s, they broke though the Mayan Face wall to the access tunnel. This led up to the Lava, where the Artificer found a Geo worth some money but no way out.

They then returned to the aqueduct and broke though the wall. It was hard labor using both the tools and spells, but they did it. There was a tunnel created by the Mayan’s long ago to make the aqueduct. It led up into the darkness.

It was a serious climb. They had to make several attempts to climb up the tunnel with all their gear. But they got out of the dungeon and onto the top of the mountain.

Using the map provided by the Mounties, they went into the wilderness to make their way to Montreal. It took much longer without the help of the trackers and scouts. At one point the Artificer led them the wrong way for two days, but after a couple of weeks they found the city. Before that, they did run into some Orc Dogs but the Heroes savaged them quickly.

Once they arrived in Montreal, the party temporarily turned over Black Kettle to the Mountie. They were given four days to prepare for there Visa court appearance and straighten out their rights to be in Canada. Once that is settled, they plan to report to the Mounties and get back custody of Black Kettle and interrogate him. And go from there.

Meanwhile, next week the party is in the city of Montreal for a few days where they can shop, cleanup and get on their “civilized” after half a year of camping in the wilds.


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