Notes on Weapons

The base damage of a military grade weapon is a d8. A light version is a d6.

There are several charts of weapon proficiencies. Most characters only advance one or two. Some are not even marked on character sheets because it is so uncommon to advance them. Note that Firearms include crossbows.

Melee (M) modified by Strength
Thrown (T) Dexterity/Strength
Archery (A) Perception
Firearms (F) Perception
Magic (K) MEA
Unarmed (U) Strength

Very few characters ever advance Firearms… but it is OK. All Firearms are +2 to hit. They are that easy to use and that difficult to defend against. So at low levels they are powerful… but at higher levels a little less so because they typically won’t advance on the to hit chart as much.

Bows are the most deadly of the weapons doing d10 base.
Modern Pistols/Rifles are d8/d10 base damage.
Muskets Pistols/Rifles d10/d12 damage (but are not +2 to hit).

Magic also rarely advances K chart but spells have a lot of built in bonuses to hit. Most spells are from +2 to +8 to hit!

OK lets get back to that d8 sword. This is the backbone of all combat. It may not seem like that because guns and bows seem cooler. But this is the weapon of choice in the world. There has been over 5,000 years of training with the sword… in a world where training means something. Some of the Skills are semi-magical (although are not seen that way). Some Warriors/Rogues bounce around like Coaching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

There are so many skills and advantages for Melee that most Heroes use it first and foremost and don’t bother with a gun.

There is also the choice (often not a real choice) to go Shield or Not. Shields gives +2 Armor. That is a lot of defense. That is 10% less hits no matter how you slice it. A shield saves your life. But it also stops you from fighting Hand and a Half style (or two handed). Many Rogues fighting style are not compatible with a Shield.

Hand and a Half (meaning some swings are 2-handed and other are not) is a lot of power. Anyone fighting without a shield (and single weapon) gets +3 damage. And we will just let the dice decide how you are using the weapon (low damage is 1-handed… huge damage is two).

Last but important note on weapons. A lot of a Hero’s defense comes from being armed and generating a threat (a point piece of metal preventing your enemies from just choking up on that sword and going to town). So anyone caught in Melee without a MELEE threat, is +2 to be hit. I’m looking at you Mr. Archer.

This can even apply to people armed. Like if you bring a dagger into a Spear fight. But in this case, once the dagger gets a melee attack then there is no bonus for the Spear. Just in the first round.

There are some other special effects and situations that might give the bonus here and there. But if you hold a sword in your hand then you don’t need to worry about it. I am looking at you again Mr. Archer.


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