Talent Rules

Warriors and Casters gets to pick one combat Talent at first level.

Rogues get to pick two at first level.

Clerics follow these rules at first level.

Mages follow these rules at first level.

Casters follow these rules at first level.

Shamans and Druids do not start with a Combat Talent but can train additional ones later.

Additional Talents

At 3rd level, Heroes can purchase one additional talent they have been exposed to for 100 experience. This can be done again at 7th at 200 experience. And again at 12th for 400 experiences.

Training reduces the cost by 50% but is expensive (often 25+ gold) and takes two months.


These can be learned by any combat trained Hero.

Reduce Fumbles
Whenever the Hero rolls a “1” he gets to make a re-roll. This re-roll does not activate Grace or Reduce Fumbles.

Whenever this Hero defeats a Villain, he gets an immediate Action.

Opening Attack
On the first round of combat against a new Villain, the Hero gets to make a bonus Melee attack. Even if he is already engaged.

If this Hero hits in melee, he is Armor +1 until the end of next round. He is also naturally threat +1.

Fast Throw
If the Hero makes a successful thrown attack, he gets to make an immediate Melee +2 attack.

Quick Throw: If this Hero makes a thrown attack and hits, then he gets to make an immediate action.

Open Shot is the more modern version of the Skirmisher.
The Hero can fire his gun in Melee combat, if he hits he gets to make an immediate Melee attack.

Head-Butt or Dirty Pool or Infighting
Anytime the Hero gets surprise or hits with two melee attack in a row, he gets to make a immediate unarmed attack. The Villain must Save 13+ or takes 1d6 and be knocked down. The Hero can also make this his action for the round.
Head-Butt is Reflex Save. Sucker Punch is Fortitude Save. Infighting is Will Save.

Archery or Firearms

Snap Shot Archery or Firearms as main proficiency
When the Hero wins initiative, he gets to take an immediate attack regardless of his action.

Rapid Load
Can fire a Musket every round instead of every other round.

Physical Bonuses

This Hero is agile has Evade +1 and Reflex +1.

Brute: This Hero is Hit Points +3, Melee +0 / +1 and Threat +1


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