General Rules Regarding Combat Styles

This is the foundation of how a Hero learned combat. Each Combat trained Hero gets one Combat Style. This cannot be change nor can they learn another.

Common Fighting Styles

Man-to-Man Melee +2 when fighting a single villain alone.

Flanking This Hero is Melee +2 / +0 when he is in melee but isn’t engaged.

Overpowered After a hitting in Melee, next melee attack is +2 / +2

Unit Fighting Melee +1 / +1 when fighting with others in your unit.

Charge When the Hero engages a new Villain, he is Melee +2 / +2 for the first two rounds. It is important to realize the distinction that this does not help a Hero being engaged by a Villain.

Samurai Hero is Melee +2, the first two rounds of combat against a new Villain.

Cleave If the Hero hits with his Melee attack, he immediately gets to make an attack upon a “nearby” Villain.

Momentum If this Hero hits in melee, his next attack has Slice.

Knights Talents

These are associated with Knight training from the Catholic Church. This is often Clerics or Rogues trained by the church.

Block and Attack When this Hero takes Critical Damage he reduces it by 50% and makes an immediate attack at +2 / +2. He also gets to make this attack on any round he falls unconscious or dies.

Sacrificial Block Once per battle, this Hero can shift an attack from another Hero onto himself. He takes 50% damage and gets to make an immediate melee attack.

There are also these class restricted lists…
Warrior Abilities
Rogue Abilities
Cleric Abilities


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