Skills, Buying and Improving

Skills do not level with a Hero as he levels. The basic idea is that focusing on leveling skills is focusing on being a better lower level character. It is not focusing on becoming a higher level character.

Because of this concept, all skills cost experience to improve. New skills cost experience to learn.

There is also a Roll to learn the skill at a Will 10. If the Hero fails, then he must wait until next level to learn the skill. If he fumbles, he may never learn the skill. If he does a master roll 18+, then he might get a +1 with the skill to start.

The Basic formula for this purchase is 10% of the experience need for a new skill and 5% to improve a skill.

“You cannot teach and old dog new tricks”. Well you can but it cost more.

Now there are different ways to modify this cost.

The first is to NOT be exposed to the skill. In all the examples we will use tracking.

Say Joe the Fighter suddenly decides he will become an expert tracker having barely ever step foot in the forest. Well this will increase his cost by x2.

Next is the standard. The Hero is forced to try to do the skill or seen someone do the skill several times. Joe the Fighter tries to track a couple of times with failure but see a real tracker do the job well. Then if he decides to pick up the skill it is at normal cost.

Or he can get a teacher. There are two ways to be taught.

A person giving tips and pointers give the roll +2. That person needs to be around from time to time to help out. But not everyday.

If the teacher is actively training and teaching then the cost is only 5%. But the Teacher is playing the other 5% in experience! They are really taking time out of their lives to actively focus and teach the skill. So they are not progressing.

Characters are limited to spending 10% of their experience in learning new skills. But this does not include any bonus experience for it. So in theory, if a person had the money, time and a +10% bonus they could try to learn 4 skills in a level.

Skills, Buying and Improving

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