Angelic Catholicism is the religion created by the Angels. They have access to the faith powers given to the Angels by the Gods. Since the Angels have passed on to Heaven, the religion has has some divides. Also, few of the Angels contributed to the religion. Most were silent on the Gods. The most famous Angels are Jacob, Luke and Micheal.

They had apposing beliefs that created three divides in the religion.

Protestants is a modern break off of Catholicism with the religion no longer recognizing the Pope as the leader of the church.

“Dirty” Catholicism is what a lot of people follow. This is teaching of the Angels that has been twisted and interjected with worship of Titans and their customs. It is the most difficult religion for the True Believes to deal with because they see themselves as good Catholics but they believe that Zues or Ra (etc) as apart of the faith too.

Islam one of the newest religions that follow the prophet Mohammad. He came 1100 years after the Angels and is said to come with new teachings from the Gods. There have been many true and false prophets over the years, but none as popular as this one. The religion is spreading in Persia and Asia quickly.

the Pantheons are the Religions of the Titans. The most common are the followers of Zues, Ra, Odin and Marduke. Since most of their temples were created by the Titans, they still stand today. This causes their religions to still exist. Also most local holidays, names of places, etc… are apart of the Religions. Even the days of the weeks and months come from the Pantheons. They are rooted in the cultures and therefore still survive. Sorcerers are all Pantheons (Cultist) to some degree.

Devil Worshipers are the most rare but also the most devoted of all the cults. These people believe that when the God tore off their shadows, the Devils were the gods… and the Gods above were the shadows. Otherwise, why would the Gods lose their voices? Their numbers are small but they are a true force of evil in the world. They are dedicated to freeing the Devils from Hell. Warlocks are all Devil Worshipers to some degree.

Manifest Destiny is an honorable mention here in religion. It is also the most popular belief in the world. These are people that are in general Agnostic about the Gods. They know they exist, but also realize they are not in their lives. They have no illusions of a personal god overseeing them. They see the gods wanted big pictures stuff for Mankind. They know the Gods want the world to be conquered, so Manifest Destiny and go to church once a year to be safe.

Mormonism this is also a very new small religion in the New Americas of the East currently centered in the Utah Territories. This is unlike any other religion in the world. They worship the One God of Cthullhu who is said to sleep at the center of the Sun. That God created the “Gods” and the Idar gods and everything else. That there must be a single God that created everything; Cthullhu.

Deniers a rare form of insanity that deny the existence of the gods.


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