This is a part of my world. Humans in nature like to separate into groups. Us vs. them. And there is no easier way to separate others than by race.

In Ert the prejudice with humans vs. humans is less about race than about blood. Let me explain.

In the beginning there were five races: Scandinavians, Asians, Persians, Caucasians and Congoids. These are known as the First Bloods. In the early ages, that was all there was in the world.

For at least a thousand years, the races had little interaction with each other. Each of these races of man were segregated under the Devils.

Today First Bloods are extremely rare and mostly higher nobility.

It wasn’t until the Titans came and created new races that the Bloods of these races were first mixed. The first of these were the Second Bloods. These were the Norsemen, Egyptians, Greeks and Assyrians.

Then there were the Third Bloods: Spanish, Romans, Argentinians, Aryans, Japanese, Zulu, Mongolians and English.

There were more blood mixtures of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh bloods.

All of these Bloods have been around for thousands of years. Anyone of the First Seven Bloods are often known as True Bloods. However, there are some societies that think of only first Three as True Bloods. It is an imperfect term. But for this text it will be any of the first Seven Bloods.

During the Angelic Wars and beyond, trade and travel started to mix these bloods. There came what was known as the Common Bloods. People that could not clearly trace their heritage to one of the First Seven bloods. What is more important to note is the diversity of the Common Bloods in looks.

Common Bloods do face prejudice in some societies. But not much. In the military they might never make it to the officer class, but they can become respected Sergeants. They are often limited to the Business class in many society but cannot be in the political class.

Then there are the Low Bloods. It is associated with having some Monster Blood in the past but this is not always true. Sometimes it is just the unfortunate of being less attractive. Realize that attractiveness is associated with the True Bloods (who are less diverse in their looks).

Regardless, Low Bloods are common in the world and are the most limited. They are often denied rank and privilege. Many societies they are forced to live in slums doing only the most menial of labor.

Lastly, there are Near-Men. These are people that have blood so tainted they barely pass for men. They often are often forced into ghettos and slums when they are accepted into society.

So most prejudgment in the world revolves around people ranking to the True Bloods and not the color of one’s skin.

On to Monsters!
They are the enemy and most are just killed on site. But there is a small class of what is known as the Noble Monsters that have some limited rights and acceptance in society. Most of them come from Asia where humans and Monsters have more friendly interaction; especially in China.

The most respected of the Noble Monsters are the Centaur, Minotaur, Bearman, Crane-man, Shark-man and Fox-man. They are noble because while individually powerful, they are not a threat to humanity.

Then there are the Monsters that hide within human society. These are races that are at best able to pass as Common-men (as the Ratmen) or as Low-Men (Hobgoblins) or as Near-men (Half-Orc). All of these face prejudice as their Blood shows but even more so if they are discovered for their true races.


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