Here is a quick run down of most of the great nations of the world.

the Spanish Empire is the largest and most powerful nation in the world. It has a strong alliance with Italy and Venice. It is at war with England, France, the Dutch and the Confederate States.

Spain is a center of the Catholic faith. However, the Spanish are disliked by many because they will often use Monsters in their wars against other states.

the United Kingdom was the great empire of the world but is now in decline. After the lost of New England and the terrible naval defeat by Spain.

England is a center for Angelic Faith and home of many famous Magicians.

France is a great power but is in decline after the Napoleonic Wars. Paris was one of the capitals of the Renaissance movement.

Germany suffered greatly at the hands of Neapolitan. The nation is in depression but there is a rising social Nazi Party growing in the country.

Netherlands a small state but with many holdings. They have been fighting the Slad for more islands in the Pacific Ocean. Often called the Dutch.

the Ottoman Empire a Catholic state and the last holding of the great Persian Empire.

Egypt a powerful island state near Persia growing in Power.

Portugal a Spanish Colony that is a threat to Egypt.

Iran an Angelic minor Persian State

Iraq a minor Persian region.

Bulgaria a minor nation around the ancient city-state of Sofia

Mongolia is the region where the famous Ghenius Khan and his Empire originated. This was the largest and most important Empire of the 4th age.

Mexico is a new state and powerful colony of Spain

Russia a massive state created after the fall of the Mongolia Empire. It is now in civil war with the Marxist.

Austria a rising power in southern Europe

Hungary a rising power in southern Europe

Poland a struggling nation under turmoil due to foreign influence.

the Kingdom of Venice a small state

Italy once the great Roman Empire now a vassal state of Spain.

Ireland a vassal state of England

Scotland a vassal state of England

Argentina a powerful nation in the far East.

the Far East Islands a collection of Argentina colonies (Columbia, Chile and Venzualia)

Japan a powerful closed society in Asia. A rise naval power in the world.

China a large and nation divided between German and Dutch influence and the rise of Communism.

Korea a powerful Asian nation.

Hong Kong a city-state and center of commerce in the North.

the Vatican Island is the home of the Pope and this small nation fights against the Skaven.

The Americas

the Republic of Texas is a rising power. A large island newly freed from Spain and Mexico.

the Confederate States a collection of island chains of powerful independent city-states united under the Articles of Confederation.

New England (and the Eastern Americas) a new power fighting for control of the Eastern Continent from the Orcs. Also known as the Free Americas.

Central America a collection of small despotism states.

Georgia an ancient state until recently was openly controlled by Sorcerers.

Brazil the last hold outs of the Zulu Empire.

Sweden a minor power in the world due to inner monster conflict.

Honorable Mentions

Australia Conquered by the Skaven

Greece these once powerful nation were destroyed by the Slad

Norway (the Vikings) once a great power they were devastated by the Slad.

Mayan destroyed by the Orcs

the Kingdom of the Bear a small monster Kingdom that enjoys peace and trade in Asia.

the Valley of the Centaur a small monster Kingdom that enjoys peace and trade in Asia.

the Maze of the Minotaur a small monster Kingdom that enjoys peace and trade in Asia.

The Great Monster Nations

Kongmen they control Antarctica; including the large inhabitable section that extends out from the permafrost. Kongmen are the only Monster race that is as technologically evolved as humanity. They are the inventors of Rifling and Steamships.

Orcs they were destroyed in Europe long ago, they still control most of the Eastern Continent.

Skaven forced from Europe they control Austria. they are responsible to the Black Plague that wiped out half of humanity. They have also created other diseases like Small Pox and the Spanish Flu.

Slads are a passive race that rises up when a Slad King is born. They control 20% of all landmass in the world and have done the most damage to mankind.

Gnolls have been mostly wiped off of the world with their great holding (most of modern Russia) was freed by Ghenius Khan.

Xorn a mysterious, rarely seen creature that is said to live in an underground city in northern China. Many believe that they control the monsters and behind most calamities in the world.

Monstrous Brutes

Trolls These disorganized creatures control large areas of frost lands in Northern China, Scandinavian and Antarctica. They are extremely difficult to kill and therefore persist.

Gypsies These Near-men are common in Europe, Persia and Asia. They have large holding outside of cities and terrorize travelers.


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