Major Skills

Major Skills are typically a highly sought after profession or abilities that the Hero has developed.

An automatic perception roll. See Awareness. This is a very useful skill.

This is a specialized profession that allows the making of potions. There is special rules covered under the Alchemy rules.

The Hero has (x3) Heal +1 he can give out in a day. To give out one bonus takes about an hour. To get another bonus to the same Hero takes another two hours. The third bonus takes four more hours.

So a Doctor must spend time giving out his bonus if he wants. But this is one of the most valuable skill to have in the world.

This Hero has spent most of his time in an environment. This is often Prairie, Forest, Desert, Tundra, Mountains or Urban.

When the Hero is in that Environment he gets the follow bonuses:
All Combat +1 / +0
They also get the bonus Minor Skills of Survival and Tracking in their Environment.

Lucky in Life
This is less a skill but a bonus in place of a Major Skill. Fate rolls are the most common of all rolls. So this is a very useful pick.
Fate +1.

Mounted Combat
This Hero is trained in fighting from horseback and can use the Horsemen rules.

These are Major groups of skills around a Marketable Profession. For examples, Engineer, Carpenter and Blacksmith.

This Hero can do major works in his field and is a sought after for this talents. This can earn him money, status and access. It can also be helpful in MANY adventuring situations.

This Hero is naturally stealthy. He is an excellent Hider, Move Silently and other stealth base actions. He is also naturally Threat (-2).

This skill is always on to some degree. It is just their way after years of practice. Heroes that have Sneak also are always looking for the back door and shifting around the Party to prevent Ambushes. Often even when Ambushed, they are not in position to be targeted.

Major Skills

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