Magic, Low

The process to learning Magic is complex and time consuming. Roughly 80% of the world starts on the training to become a Mage. Within a year of schooling half of those people, lack the Magical Tolerance to continue on with their training.

After another two years, there is another threshold that most people drop out. Then in another three years is the big obstetrical to becoming a Mage. The Holding of Mana, most people cannot do it. It causes severe migraine. They drop out.

This means there are people that have six years of education to become a Mage. Of these people there are several options.

First they can continue their education by going to college and then university. These people are known to have Higher Education. It is important to note that these Heroes have better educations than most successful Mages.

The second and more popular is to get an advance trade training. A perfect example of this is becoming a Blacksmiths. Smiths are taught a few ceremonies and rituals to use in their craft. Master Smiths use some real magic in their labors to create high quality items.

But this is true of all the Crafting and Arts. From Shipwrights to Tailors, there are ceremonies and rituals. Now most Craftsmen are not really using magic in their works, but they are trying. They believe the are doing so. Because in a world where Magic is real, there is less of a distinction between Craft, Arts and Magic.

The last is to continue the pursuit of Magic with the limitation of not being able to hold Mana for any period of time. This means that most of their Magic is slow to cast. Real slow. From minutes to hours. These are the Class Casters.

Magic, Low

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