Magic, High

These are the true Magic Users of the world. Known as Mages, they have the abilities to Cast spells quickly.

These are the Elemental Mages taught by the Angels. They all have powerful elemental attacks but basic list for support.
Magicians Fire Magic and the deadliest of all Mages.
Magus rare Earth Mages and the “Weakest” of the Elemental.
Storm Mage rare Lightning Mages.

This is the Lost Magic of Witchcraft that origins are long forgotten but date back to the Second Age.
Mystic Excellent supporting Mage but light on the damage.

These are the Modern Magics that Mankind developed.
Frost Mage an Elemental Magic with powerful attacks.
Twilight Mage a supporting Magic with a balance of spells.
Wizards a supporting Magic with the most feared attack.

These are the forbidden Classes of Magic that are the enemies of humanity.
Necromancer Masters of the Dead
Satanist Spells taught from the Devil Satan to his disciples.
Seer Mages that can looking into the future and locate people.
Sorcerer Masters of Trickery, Illusions and Control. Slavers of Mankind.
Warlock Keepers and Protecters of the Monsters

Magic, High

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