The basic rule is that each night people heal 1d6 hit points.

There are a lot of modifiers to this…

The Good
Comfortable Bedding and Food +1
All day Resting +1
Nursing +1
Good Medicine +1
Doctoring +1

The bad Modification
Traveling (-1)
Bad Shelter (-1)
Extreme Weather (-1)
Sleeping in Armor (-1)
Infections (-1)

After a tough fought battle where the Heroes win, there is a Victory Rush heal. This is once a day, 20 minutes rest where everyone heals d6. This is the joy of victory making them realize much of their damage is bruises and pain. It does not help the unconscious.

Now if a person rolls into the Negative then he got worst. He takes that damage. This is why some people that are in bad shape should not be moved.

Magical Healing
There are three types of healing…

The Low powered Aids… these are immediate heals. Common power is d4
The Common Cures… these take 20 minutes of rest to feel the effects. Common d6+1
The Powerful Sleeps… these take six hours of sleep to feel the effects. Common 3d6

I have a complex rule that I sometime enforce in campaigns in Magical Healing Fatigue. This is the concept of diminished returns on healing. How a person cannot be Cure from near death to full though repeat healing.

It works like this… after getting a Magical Heal, the Hero is now Heal (-1) for the day. Each additional Magical Healing makes him further (-1). He loses one point of this each day until he goes a day without Magical Healing. Then it is all reduce.

I don’t always enforce this rule with parties full of new players as it is a more difficult concept to track.


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