Faith Powers

This system of “Magic” is not associated with spell casting. It does not use Mana. It is it’s own unique system using the Faith Powers taught by the Angelic Priests.

There is an energy source created by the gods and protected by the clergy known as Faith. In order to access it one must be taught the secrets by the church. It also takes a special mindset that can unlock the puzzles for the “casting”. Lastly it takes special training to uses each of the powers.

While it has been argued that anyone that is taught the secrets of the church could use the Faith powers, it is their most guarded secret. Also the puzzles to use the most simple of powers take years to solve. The Church argues that the puzzles create a mindset that allows one to use the Faith.

Faith Powers require a different set of skills to learn than Magic.

Faith Points recharge each dawn. Each Faith Power can be used once per day. Sometimes the Hero will have “Floating” Points. These can be spent to re-use a power once per day.

There are several Orders of Faith. Each is named after an Angel that originally taught the power. The three major Orders are Michael, Jacob and Luke.

Faith Powers are taught in a very tight regiment. The same four spells at first level. The same spell at second level. The same spell at third. And so on.

Along with a bible to study, the Hero is expected to study a series of religious base puzzles. The solving of a puzzle is the test for the church to teach the next spell. Unlike Mages, the Priest must find a teacher (any church of his order) to get the training for the next spell. Sometimes there is a small tithe required.

Learning a new Faith Power takes only a day. But it could take several days or weeks to master it. Each day, the Hero must make a Will 15+ save until he has mastered it. Until he masters it, he cannot access it.

Spells of the Minor Angels also need to be learned. But these are harder to find. They are also charged only with Floating Points. If the Hero gets taught the power it cost 5%. If he must study the spell then it cost 10%. They also take more time to learn as the Hero must also solve some puzzles associated with the Angel. They take three days to learn and a Will 17+ to Master.

However studying these minor Angel puzzles are a reward of their own. They can take a week or so to learn. This is often a 10 experience reward that helps pay for the first spell.

Major Orders are taught worldwide and are the most popular.


Minor Orders are regional and typically a sub-division of a Major Order.


Faith Powers

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