Here is my basic combat system.

Evade this is the number needed to hit. Roll a d20 and add your bonus. If the total is equal to or greater than the Evade number you hit. Otherwise it is a miss.

Heroes have bonus in up to six combat charts…
Melee, Archery, Thrown, Firearms, Unarmed and Magic.

If a Hero is Melee +2 / +1 that means he is Melee +2 to hit and +1 to damage.

If the Hero hits, then he rolls his damage.
Light Weapons d6
Melee d8
Bullets and Arrows d10
Muskets d12

If a Hero rolls a naturally high number, depending upon the weapons Critical Strike number (normally a “19/20” or a “20”) they get a damage multiplier. For example, Swords are Critical 19+ and do x2 damage. Axes are 20 and x3 damage.

When the Hero takes damage he reduces his Armor bonus from the damage. So a hit of 10 against Armor 1 becomes 9 damage. If the Hero has a skill or bonus that further reduced it, it is then applied.

If a Hero is attacking someone not armed (or underarmed for the occasion) they get a +2 to hit.

If a Hero is using a Firearm at appropriate range he is +2 to hit. If he is at Long Range he is (-2) to hit. If at Extreme Range (-5) to hit.

The Combat Round
Each round the Hero gets a normal action.

At the beginning of the round each side rolls initiative.

Each round is divided as follows…
Immediate Actions
Normal Actions (repeated as second and thirds, until resolved)
End of Round Actions

If a character has an immediate action that happens first.
Then everyone gets to make normal actions. Sometimes this can be multiple actions.
Then there are the End of Round Actions.

Heroes with Quickness get to make a extra bonus action. These happen as a second normal action and not as End of Rounds.

At round 10 everyone does a Bleed check. Heroes take 1d6 for each Bleed that hasn’t been stopped by this point.

At round 12 and 15 there is a Fatigue check for Heroes that are Armored. If Fatigued they lose their Actions this round.


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