These are the Organized monsters, the perfect ones created by the Titans and would replace Mankind in the social order of the Second Age. They are all stronger than humans, but more importantly can organize into large states. The Bluebloods are a threat to humankind on Ert.

The Kongmen have a great nation on the North of Antarctica. These Yeti-men are very organized and technologically advance. Perhaps more so than humans. They are the inventors of Rifling and Ironclads. Fortunately they are not interested in conquest and fight against human aggression to hold on to their Nation.

The Gnolls were a great power in Europe until they were destroyed by Ganghis Khan. This open up Russia for humans. Gnolls are powerful and diverse Dog-men but they have lost thier nation.

The Skaven are large Rat-men. Known for their magic, Alchemey and Plague-magic, they were driven out of England long ago. They manage to conquer Australia and that is their last holding. They are said to be the cause of the Black Death that killed a third of the world population. They are universally hated even by the other Bluebloods.

The passive Slads are the Frog-men and have done the most damage to humanity. They control most of small islands in the pacific, about 10% of the worlds land mass. These creatures are very passive and no threat to humans in small numbers. Every few hundred years, there is a Slad-King born. This unites the Slads, raising a million monster army. They destroyed the Viking Empire and the Greek Islands.

Goblins are Monkey-men that live in the deep forest of the world. Excellent Archers, they guard their holdings from Man’s aggression. Goblins have their own language and cannot communicate with others. Less is know about them than any other Bluebloods or Monsters. Some Goblin nations have fallen to humanity, but they were the destroyers of the Roman Empire.

Orcs existed on the Eastern Continent. They had conquered this land from the Mayan’s long ago. They also repelled the Viking Invasion. But since the 15th Century, the States of England and now the United States have been dividing and conquering the Orcs for centuries.

Xorn are a strange mysterious race that make thier home in underground tunnels in northern Asia. They are said to be the greatest Spell Casters in the world. But they are rarely seen. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the Xorn. Some credit them with the cause of most calamities in the world.


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