the Fifth Age of Ert

Recap 8

The night started with an attack by the Spanish Army. In the chaos, the Party did not know if they were the target, the Orcs or the Padre. Regardless, the musket fire caused lots of damage and the party was forced to retreat with the Orcs.

The party engaged a flank of Spanish Soldiers seeking to prevent escape. They made quick work of them, and then retreated to the Orc camp.

Yellow Feather gave the Party a map of the Rockies Mountains and how to get home. He also gave them a little used trail to San Diego. He then was to lead his people to their southern camps. They Party had no interest in following him so they said their goodbyes.

Hoping the Keyhole, their ride, was still in San Diego, they made their way to the town. But when they got near there, they could not see their ship in the harbor. They made their way to a small village to make plans.

Not wanting to face the Spanish again, they decided to venture though the Mountains. They bought supplies and traveled west.

The first two weeks of following the Orc Map though the Rockies were uneventful.

They then were ambushed by a hoard of Orc-men. Small, lighter Orc-like creatures. Outnumbered, they were taken to their lakeside village. There they talked to the creature and learned that they had no “inside” voice. So asking them questions and listening to their thoughts, the Party learned a lot.

They were the Ikarda tribe, once rulers of these lands now just a single village survives. They pay tribute to local Warlocks but now the Orcs are demanding tribute as well. The Ikarda want to murder the party and pay their weapons as tribute to the Warlocks.

Wanting canoes from the Ikarda, the Party offer to kill the Warlocks for them. The Ikarda agree and tell them where they can find the Warlocks.

The road to the Warlocks was guarded by some Yeti monsters. And while they hurt the Party in their opening attack, the Party killed them quickly.

They then reached the Plantation of the Warlocks. They made plans to attack, but then thought better to scout some more. Unfortunately, the Longbowman was spotted and the party was forced to attack.

They made quick work of the guards. But the Warlocks cast spells from the balcony protected from range attacks. They then though of attacking the house, but then the Duelist wanted to talk to the Warlocks.

Trusting their honor, he entered the house finding five Warlocks waiting inside. They also had several Hellhounds ready to attack. The Warlocks complemented them on their attack, but told them it was pointless to press forward. If they would leave the area, never to return they would pay the Party a small chest of Gold and Silver.

The Duelist returned to the Party and relayed the Warlock’s offer…

Experience Points: Update 8

Both the Duelist and Longbowman made it to third level this week.

The Artificer is one good session away while the Squire is one amazing session from third. Otherwise those two will make it in two nights.

Same with the Padre, two more average nights or one amazing night.

Recap 7

The Party arrived in the small port town of San Diego, California. There they quickly met the Padre who was eager to help. They were here to find corroborating evidence to the story that Black Kettle told them. They quickly realized that the Orc they wanted to talk to was Yellow Feather.

After buying a two donkeys, they headed West to Yellow Feathers camp two days away. The Orc White Foot had left two days before with orders to kill Yellow Feather. So they didn’t want to waste time.

On the road, they were ambushed by Father Hugo. The Padre feared this priest and thought he was on the wrong side of things. Hugo demanded their surrender with his 35 spear and musket men.

It looked bad for the party. They ran for some cover and the Squire got shot with a big blow. The Longbowman did some damage with his bow. Then a volley of lead would have killed him, but the Padre warned the Hero last second. As the Padre sometimes has visions of things to happen. His warning saved the Longbowman from a serious wound.

The Party was trapped. The Duelist ready a bomb of dynamite against one of the flanks. Meanwhile, the Arms Master and Padre fought a rush of men on another. The Squire risked harm to help his friends. The three of them quickly routed the twelve poorly armed thugs.

Surviving another volley of fire, the Party rushed the Musket men. In short order, they routed the enemy. Having several bad wounds, they allowed the enemy to flee. They had five prisoners and questioned them. But as expected they were just Thugs that Hugo had used for the Ambush. The party mercifully allowed them to leave.

The next day they found Yellow Feather. He had White Foot and his allies trapped. But he didn’t want to press the matter because of Iron Tooth, a brave and powerful Orc Warrior.

Now armed with information learned from Alex Himmers personal journals on how to deal with Orcs, they were able to talk to Yellow Feather and Iron Tooth more effectively. They tried insulting White Foot in a way that he had to respond, but that failed. This confused the other Orcs and they began to suspect White Foot.

After much deliberation, they manage to get pass Iron Tooth’s guard. The Padre was able to get to White Foot. He lied to White Foot trying to get information until he was caught in one too many lies.

White Foot attack the Padre. At first the Padre was doing great, but the stronger Orc beat him into unconsciousness. Iron Tooth moved forward and no one knew if he was going to kill the Padre or help him. The Party was ready to attack but were out numbered with Orcs all around them.

Iron Tooth tried to stop White Foot. When White Foot attacked Iron Tooth, the Orc Warrior quickly killed him. This exposed the “Stick-Man” that was inside White Foot. He was under control of the Stick-Man.

At the start of their adventure they found a Stick-Man in Alex Himmer’s Study. This strange beast attacked the party with great strength. The mystery of the Stick-Man was finally answered.

This put together the story for the Party. They believe that outside forces, they suspect an American Politician and Arms Dealers, have been “Body Snatching” Orc leaders to influence the new Orc God into War. Perhaps all of this has been done for increasing the Arms Dealer’s profits. But could it be for other ends?

Regardless, the Party now has all the information they needed to complete their mission. They know Grom, the Orc leader, united the Orcs. They know his origins and why the Orc Tribes are united under his banner. They know his trusted council has been invaded by these Stick-Men who are pushing for War. They know the Great Orcs like Yellow Feather and Black Kettle have been pushed out of the council because they want peace.

With a feeling of success, they now only have to catch their boat back home and report their finding to the Free-States Army High Command.

Experience Points: Update 7

We added a new player Ryan to the game playing the Padre. He is an Italian Cleric they meet in San Diego. He had seen things in his post that made him fear for his life. He agreed to help the party find the Orc Noble Yellow Feather in hopes that he could get out of town for a few days. Welcome to the game.

The Arms Master has now made it to third level. Not only will he get the normal small bonus, but he now can buy a new combat talent. This is optional but worth it.

Both the Duelist and Longbowman are in position to level at the end of the next evening. Everyone else is still 2+ nights away.

Last night was a good night for experience with a bonus for solving your mission. The Duelist got a few more points because of some status bumps too. As always the Arms Master got a few extra points (+15) again for being the Captain. This small 5% bonus the last four nights has been adding up.

Recap 6

“I wish I had the skill: Bureaucracy so I could crit that paperwork!”

This was a full party that including the Arms Master, Duelist, Longbowman, Artificer and Squire.

The Party did some shopping in Montreal and talked to a lawyer for their upcoming court appearance. Things went well in court and they were given visas for a small fine. They then went and interrogated the Orc Black Kettle.

They learn that the Living Arm of the Orc Titan was discovered by the Orcs. This was cut off from the Titan 2,000 years ago and lost in the Grand Canyon. Warlocks Masters were summoned from the Greek Islands. These Masters used the Blood of the Living Arm to created a “New” Orc “God”.

This Living Orc god is untied the Orcs under the banner of the Living Hand. All Orcs who hear of him are flocking to him. And he is being council by the Orc Chieftains and Warlocks. Black Kettle was on this Council, until he left it because of their desire for war.

He says it was as if a “Dark Magic” came over the Orc Council.

Black Kettle has no evidence of all of this, only his word. He told them they could find evidence in San Juan, California (Spanish Territory) if they wanted to do so.

After this the Party released Black Kettle and made plans to return to Kansas City.

Being winter, they planned the longer but more comfortable rout home. They plan to travel across Canada by train and ferry to Quebec. From there sail south to Kentucky. All said and done a 2 1/2 month trip.

On the train, the Duelist suspected that people were after him and warned the party. Just before arriving at the city of Providence, a German Bounty Hunter Bodo and his squad attacked.

At first things went poorly for the Party. But then a big critical hit from the Arms Master on Bodo turned the tables. Soon the Bounty Hunter’s henchmen were retreating. And the Duelist got Bodo to surrender.

It was now that the Party learned that the Duelist was wanted for the murder of Andrew Carnegie son. This is one of the riches and most powerful men in the New World. And he has placed a 500 gold bounty on the Duelist head. They now know there will be more bounty hunters to come.

Once the dust settled, they turned Bodo over to the Mounties. They made their way to the US Embassy in Quebec. They got passage on the US Sloop, Keyhole on its way to Memphis. They also got the US Army Colonel in Quebec Embassy to give them a ten day stop in San Juan so they could find evidence supporting Black Kettle’s claims of a Living God.

So we ended the night with the Party sailing to San Juan Capistrano in Northern California looking for evidence to support Black Kettle’s claims of a new Orc “God”.

Experience: Update 6

Because of the Military Organization the Arms Master +20 and Longbowman +10 get a small bump by stealing others experience do to extra leisure time for themselves. In the last session this cost each person 10 experience they gave (mostly to the Arms Master).

With that in mind there is a full break down of the experience here at the wiki link Kansas City: Party Experience

But the quick of it is…

The Squire is now second level.
The Friar is now second level.

The Arms Master will most likely be 3rd in one session.
The Duelist and Longbowman in 2 sessions.
The Artificer is moving a lot slower because she has been learning spells. It is always difficult for spell casters as new spells make them better, but slows development.

Here are some other fun bits of information.

The Arms Master has finally passed the Cowboy at the character with the most experience. The Cowboy started with +300 experience so that is a accomplishment.

And the Squire has passed the Gunslinger in experience.

Recap 5

Tonight was a small party with the Duelist, Artificer and Squire only attending. They were still trapped in the Dungeon with all exits blocked by Orcs. As we left off last week, they were standing before the Temple of the Earth deep inside the dungeon.

They went into the Circle Room and found an active circle. They deactivated the circle. Meanwhile, the Artificer found two Earth spells written in the walls. These spells were easy for her to learn.

The first was an Harden Stone and the other was a Soften Stone spell. Normally it takes days to learn a spell and days more to master them. But for some reason it only took her an hour to learn them.

Meanwhile, the Squire found a little statue of a cartoony Monkey-Man holding two spears. He kept it but unfortunately he cut himself on it when handling it. The Artificer also cut herself on it. Later someone else decided to handle it and was cut. They decided it was cursed but he kept it anyhow.

They then entered the Tombs. The Duelist was not affected by the Magical Fear protecting the Tombs. So he lead the party inside. After passing rows of the dead, they found a sarcophagus. Using the crowbar the Squire found earlier, they opened it. When they did, the lid exploded damaging them.

A Wraith came out and attacking the Heroes. They were fighting back, but didn’t even know if they were hurting it. They reached the point of retreating for fear of death, when the Duelist killed the Wraith with a retreating blow. The Wraith exploded and the party barely survived it.

The Artificer was at 1 hp, while the other two were unconscious. They spent the night in the tomb healing but the Squire was still too wounded. They dragged him out and spent the day nursing him to consciousness.

They went down the main hallway into the Temple but found it guarded by a Large Earth Elemental. The Artificer nearly died trying to approach it. The Party decided it was too powerful to fight and left. They decided to focus on finding a way out.

They followed the aqueduct for a while unit it went into the stone. They continued along that tunnel and found the main exit next to Magnamar and the Orcs. At this point they felt they had explored most of the dungeon.

They spent some time on the question of finding a way out. The Duelist being an Engineer thought there must be more to the aqueduct. That the Mayans could just “Magical” create it but must have built it. And this meant an access tunnels. And when they returned to the Mayan Face, and he could see the access tunnel for the lava it was confirmed.

Using the Soften Earth spells, plus some picks made by the Squire using Orc spears and ancient mining tools of the Mayan’s, they broke though the Mayan Face wall to the access tunnel. This led up to the Lava, where the Artificer found a Geo worth some money but no way out.

They then returned to the aqueduct and broke though the wall. It was hard labor using both the tools and spells, but they did it. There was a tunnel created by the Mayan’s long ago to make the aqueduct. It led up into the darkness.

It was a serious climb. They had to make several attempts to climb up the tunnel with all their gear. But they got out of the dungeon and onto the top of the mountain.

Using the map provided by the Mounties, they went into the wilderness to make their way to Montreal. It took much longer without the help of the trackers and scouts. At one point the Artificer led them the wrong way for two days, but after a couple of weeks they found the city. Before that, they did run into some Orc Dogs but the Heroes savaged them quickly.

Once they arrived in Montreal, the party temporarily turned over Black Kettle to the Mountie. They were given four days to prepare for there Visa court appearance and straighten out their rights to be in Canada. Once that is settled, they plan to report to the Mounties and get back custody of Black Kettle and interrogate him. And go from there.

Meanwhile, next week the party is in the city of Montreal for a few days where they can shop, cleanup and get on their “civilized” after half a year of camping in the wilds.

Recap 4

The Party was in the Temple of Itzamna looting the massive Trophy room, when three Scorpion-men and an Orc entered. An alarm was sounded and a fight started. The Party managed to defeat the Scorpion-men and discovered the Orc was Black Kettle.

With an army of Orcs after the party, they went out the back of the Temple into the Courtyard. Black Kettle suggested they make way to the Temple of the Earth, also known as the Lair of Magnamar.

The Orcs pursued them into an underground theater damaged by a long ago earthquake, A deep chasm crossed the floor. The party moved heavy stone to create a bridge across then toss the stone in the chasm. There they made a stand against the Orcs.

Three Orcs leaped the chasm but were struck down as they landed. Several more Orcs tried to cross again with the cover of Spears, but they too failed. Then the Orc Fiery Hair told the party the dreadful news. That the Orcs did not need to kill the party. They were in the Lair of Magnamar and there was no escape. The Orcs withdrew to the exit and left the party to face the ancient powerful creature of the second age.

The Party rested and asked Black Kettle about Magnamar. Magnamar is one of the gargantuan creatures the Titans created but then feared. Too big and powerful, Magnamar is at least 4,000 years old and has survived battles with both Titans and Angels. Once he terrified the continent, but now he rests in his Lair.

The Party moved forward into the dark and found an underground complex. They became interested in looting. After exploring for a bit, they did find a few nicknacks. Then they discovered the complex had an aqueduct system and started to follow it.

This lead them into a new section where they discovered a giant stone mosaic of a Mayan face. Messing around with it, they found some gears that when turned made the face cry tears of lava. It also increased the lighting in the complex and seem a source of powerful magic. But without a Mage, they pressed forward.

They found an old mining area, but there was a freed Lightning Elemental roaming the area. The party avoided it.

They discovered another section with a damaged bridge. From there they could see Magnamar. I giant “Balrog” resting a in pool of lava. Beyond the pool of lava, they could see an exit to sunlight guarded by Orcs. They sneaked across the bridge without alerting Magnamar.

This brought them to the Temple of the Earth. A large complex within this dungeon. From the outside, they saw three passageways into the Temple. One lead to a magic circle, another to a long hall with pillars and lastly to a tomb. The Tomb caused an overwhelming sense of dread just looking in to it.

It was there that we ended the night with the party still trying to find a way out of Magnarmar’s Lair. Orcs guard both exits. The Party is still badly wounded getting little rest in the deep dark dungeon. And the Longbowman has developed terrible infection that is only getting worst….

Recap 3

The party made excellent time though the grasslands south, even though they didn’t not know where they were going. They were lost looking for Canada and the city of Montreal. They were still on the mission to find Black Kettle and question him with the hope that he could provide answers about the Orc’s aggression.

They reached a massive forest and then the Mississippi, so they knew they were on the right direction. Then they encountered a Foxwoman: a humanoid Fox. She offered to tell them the way to Montreal in exchange for an undefined favor. The Party passed on the offer and continued on their march south.

But after a few more day of travel though the wilderness and the first snows coming, they tracked back to the Foxwoman and took up her up on her offer. Her favors were simple chores of hunting, gathering and moving heavy object. After a few days of doing her deeds, she brought them to a hidden Orc cache. There they found Orcish supplies and several canoes.

With directions to the city with a name that made the Foxwoman laugh each time she said it, the party poled and paddle upstream in their canoes. They made excellent time.

As the reached the first of the great lakes, they discovered a family of Emerald Wymns. The Longbowman and Artificer both knew the value of their leather as it was often used in crafting magical armor. They convinced the party to attack, since the Longbowman is an excellent skinner. They killed the beast and made the leather they desired. But the Squire nearly died in the battle. If it wasn’t the the Faith Power of the Friar, he would surely have died.

While allowing the Squire to heal from the fight, the party is caught off guard by a Canadian Mountie patrol. Outnumbered, they were forced to yield to the Mounties becoming their “prisoners”. OK the modern concept of prisoners is too harsh of a word but in the Victorian Age of Honor, it was what they were. They were honor bound to come with the Mounties peacefully.

But after talking to the Mounties, they discovered they were on similar missions. The Mounties were trying to capture some criminal Mohawk Orcs in the same area the party was trying to free Black Kettle. The Mounties brought them to a group of Orcs they planed to Interrogate about the criminals (and Black Kettle).

While the Mounties entered the Mohawk Camp to find the Orc Prince, Big Fish, the Party was given the charge not letting any Orcs escape out the back. So they setup an ambush there and waited.

It wasn’t long for things to turn bad as the Party heard fighting in the camp. They discovered Big Fish being dragged off by an Orc Warlock they would learn was Fighting Pig. The party jumped them and killed the Orc guards. But Fighting Pig used his magic to put the hurt on the Longbowman. He was then facing too many and taking serious damage. He escape into the woods and used Magic to evade his pursuers.

The Duelist tied up Big Fish despite his protest and threats of war. The Mounties came along and interrogated Big Fish by getting him drunk. They learned the location of Black Kettle, who is being held in the Temple of Itzumna (the Mayan Sky-God). The Mayans were the dominate force on this continent during the Second Age before the Orcs were created by Grumin and killed them all.

Anyhow, the Mounties were after their Orcs so the party split from them with the promise to reuniting after the mission. Also they promised to interrogate Black Kettle with them so the two camps can share information.

Armed with a Map of the major encampments of the Orcs (there are hundreds here) the Party made their way to the Temple. The front door had 50 Orcs camping outside, but there was an obvious way around then. The Arms Master scaled a wall to a balcony and lowered a rope the the party to climb.

Inside the temple, they found themselves in a Trophy room filled with valuable weapons and armor. The Party was grabbing items (with the Artificer finding the greatest item in the place) when they heard a noise…

We ended the night there and will pick up next week…. In the Halls of an Ancient Mayan Temple that is surround by Orcs as they search to free the Prisoner Orc, Black Kettle.

New Players 7 - 1 = 6 + 2 = 8!

Joining the party was the Squire. Trained to be the fighting second to a Knight, he is one of the largest Rogues in the party. To the untrained eye he looks like a warrior.

As the Orcs overran the defenses of Junction City, he decided not to die in this lost cause. He ran into the woods and made his escape from certain death with the “help” of the Half-Breed Orc Scout.

The Squire was drafted into the Army after losing EVERYTHING in the sacking of Kansas City. Not only did he lose his newly acquired wealth and pregnant fiance but also nearly his life.

The other Hero that joined the party was the Half-Breed. This troubled being is a child of two different world and has been rejected by both. A skilled Ranger, the first person to trust him and give him respect was Major Anderson. But he is dead now. And his last order was for the Half-Orc to help the Arms Master complete his mission.

He made his escape though the Forest and tracked the party down. He brought with him the Squire.

Lastly, we learned that the Cowboy may not be a regular due to increase school pressure from the Real World. So he will be hangout in the background for a while. If things change he will be able to return but for now, his Hero will be left behind when the party finds town.

But these two new characters join our Military Operation that includes: the Arms Master, the Friar, the Duelist, the Gunslinger, the Longbowman and the Artificer.


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