Mage: Witch

The origins of Witchcraft has been long forgotten but it has long been associated with Sorcery in many cultures. It wasn’t until the Renaissance that humanity began to accept Witchcraft as a valued craft in society. Mystics use witchcraft magic, which is a broad magic with many applications. However, it is not considers very powerful at the higher levels.

Strength: This is a big strong Hero.

Bonuses Strength and High Threat.
Fortitude +2

Hits Points 18

Evade 16
Armor 0

Fortitude +2
Reflex +3
Will +1
Fate +0

Heal +0
Threat +5

Melee +3 / +2
Thrown +0 / +2

Mage Training: This Hero has access to the Cures and Hexes Ways, Enchantments Ways and Manipulations Ways spell lists.

World Effects
No Armor: This Hero is Evade +1.

Lightly Armed: This Hero only uses light weapons. Because of this he is Quickness 7 and Threat (-1).

Strength: This Hero is Melee +2 / +2 and Thrown +0 / +2.

High Threat: Due to this Hero Size, he is Hit Points +3 & Threat +2

Skills: Forest Survival

Casting: Each Spell requires a Casting roll. This is at 6+ to succeed. If the roll is 15+ then the spell was Efficient and is free.

Mana Pool: The Hero has 5 Mana Points a day. All Spells require one Mana Point.

Recover Mana: Hero must rest to replenish his pool. This requires a Recovery roll if less than twelve hours. There are many modification but on average 4 hours of rest is at a Fate 11+.

Spell Ranks: There are five Rankings of Spell power. First level Heroes can learn Rank I & II spells.

Spells Rituals
Draw Natural Mana: (Ritual Time 1 minute / Last One Hour)
The Hero spends one Mana Point to get 3 additional temporary Mana Points.

Summoning Well: (Ritual Time 10 minute / Last an Hour)
Hero Spends one Mana Point and gets 12 rank I Mana Points. He must stay within 25 yards of the Well.

Drain Familiar: (Ritual Time 1 round/ Last Minutes)
Hero Spends one Mana Point and gets 3 rank I Mana Points. His Familiar must recover for several days and will be moody and angry.

Spell Lists
Hexes Ways: These are annoyance spells. They are all save base.

Enchantment Way: This is a broad list of spells of low power. Most of these spells are similar to the Low Magic Charms and Living Enchantments, but are designed to be casted instead of ritual.

Manipulation Ways: These are Sorcery base spells and will draw suspicion from Angelic Faith NPCs.

Rank II Spells
(Attack, Short Range)
The Hero shoots a Bolt of Lightning at target. Reflex 13 + or 1d6 +2 damage and stun. Target will choose to do nothing next round if he is not attacked.

(Ritual Enchantment 1 minute)
Target receives Damage Shield 1d4+1.

(20 minutes)
Target has threat reduced to zero. If Hero then also is barely noticeable except to the most Aware.

Mist of Healing
(Ritual Enchantment 10 minute)
Sleeping Heal of 1d8+1 to up to six targets; including self.

Rank I Spells
Hex of Nausea
Target must Fortitude 14+ or is stunned for two rounds. Stunned Villains will choose to do nothing unless they are attacked or harassed.

Distracting Lights
(Attack, moments)
Target must Will 8+ on his next two actions or lose it.

Enchantment of Rejuvenation
Target gets an Aid Heal 1d3+1, but must do nothing next round to receive it.

Enchantment of Protection
Target is Damage Shield 2 but must do nothing next round to receive it.

Target has Anonymity until they move.

(20 minutes)
Target is Swim +2. If Hero then Swim +5.

Target is Fall +3. If Hero then Fall +8.

Distracting Sounds (minutes)
Create sounds. Special effects.

Enchantment of Healing (Hours)
Target is Heal +1



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