A fighter trained to support a knight. A good squire is a valuable profession.

Constitution: This guy is in excellent heath and will live to be strong into his 80’s.

Bonuses: Tough as Nails and Fit & Healthy.
Fortitude +2.

Hits Points 15

Evade 17
Armor 2

Fortitude +3
Reflex +2
Will +0
Fate +0

Heal +1
Threat +4

Melee +2 / +2

Cleave: If the Hero hits with his Melee attack, he immediately gets to make an attack upon a “nearby” Villain.

Sacrificial Block: Once per battle, this Hero can shift an attack from another Hero onto himself. He takes 50% damage and gets to make an immediate melee attack.

Reduced Fumble Whenever the Hero rolls a natural “1” he gets to immediately re-roll. The re-roll does not activate the Reduce Fumble.

World Effects
Armored: This Hero wears Armor. He also suffers from the Fatigue rule.

Shield: This Hero uses a Shield and gets Evade +2.

Mounted Combat: This Hero is a Horsemen.

Tough as Nails: This Hero is Armor 1.

Fit & Healthy: Hero is Heal +1. If he was unwounded the day before, the Hero has a Damage Shield of 3.

Skills: Armorer, First Aid and Animal Handling



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