Melee Rogue

This Rogue is trained in setting up his enemy with complete moves and attacks. This takes the forum of Combat Points he can spend as the combat progress. Basically the longer the fight goes, the more options he has to use.

Joe Average: This guy just doesn’t standout in a crowd and is often over looked. Looks more like the hired help than a Hero.

Bonuses: Low Threat and Tag Along.
Fate +1.

Hits Points 15

Evade 16
Armor 1

Fortitude +0
Reflex +2
Will +1
Fate +1

Heal +0
Threat +1

Melee +2 / +1


Combination Fighting: See the Combination Fighting chart.

Nimble: This Hero is agile and naturally Evade +1. Reflex +1.

Whenever this Hero defeats a Villain, he gets an immediate Action.

World Effects
Armored: This Hero wears Armor. He also suffers from the Fatigue rule.

Two-Handed: Using a Melee weapon two-handed is damage +3.


Doctor: The Hero has (x3) Heal +1 he can give out in a day. Each takes about an hour to do.

Low Threat: This Hero just doesn’t seem threating at all to anyone upon first impression. He is always Threat 1 at the start of a conflict.

Tag Along: This Hero is often forgotten about when plans are made, so he can have said to Tag Along after seeing what is happening when a party divides up.

Skills: Herbalism, Hiding and Meditation

Combination Fighting

This Hero fights with a plan. They are setting the Villain up for a finishing move. They can spend the Combo Points on the follow chart. If the there is one round of no fighting, the Hero loses all points.

Earning Points
• Each Melee Round, 1 point
• Hitting with Melee Attack, 1 point
• Critical Hit, +1 point.

Spending Points
• Re-rolling Damage, 2 points
• Reaction: Melee +1, 3 points
• Reaction Keen +1, 5points
• Finish Him! Bonus two attacks at end of round, 6 points.

The Hero can train additional Combination Skills as he finds them with experience.



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