Scarlet Magician


Mage: Magician

Magicians are Fire Mages taught by the Angels for the War against the Titans. Because of this they have a narrow but powerful list of spells for combat. But their magic is less developed outside of that purpose. They are now using minor magic items crafted and powered by the Mage to give them a more robust spell list. They are also the most associated with the Angelic Catholic Church. It is rare for any Magician to be trained outside of the church.

Prophet: This Hero was born with a natural Faith Powers.

Bonus: Blessing of God and Faith Powers.
Fate +1

Hits Points 15

Evade 16
Armor 0

Fortitude +0
Reflex +2
Will +1
Fate +1

Heal +0
Threat +3 / +8

Melee +1 / +0
Magic Bonus +1 / +1

Mage Training: This Hero has access to the Fire Law, Arcane Enchantments and Arcane Ways spell lists.

World Effects
No Armor: This Hero is Evade +1.

Blessing of Gods: This Hero awakes each morning with a Blessing of God.

Faith Powers: This Hero has two Faith Powers like the Cleric Class.

Skills: Higher Education and Religious Lore

Faith Powers
Faith Recovery: Each dawn the Hero awakes with all Faith Powers restored. Each Faith Power can be used once a day.

Lay on Hands: Target is Bleed (-2).
If BoG, then also Healing Aid 1d4+1.

Restore Faith: Target is Heal +1.
If BoG, then Will +2

Casting: Each Spell requires a Casting roll. This is at 5+ to succeed. If the roll is 16+ then the spell was Efficient and is free.

Mana Pool: The Hero has 4 Mana Points a day. All Spells require one Mana Point.

Recover Mana: Hero must rest to replenish his pool. This requires a Recovery roll if less than twelve hours. There are many modification but on average 4 hours of rest is at a Fate 12+.

Spell Ranks: There are five Rankings of Spell power. First level Heroes can learn Rank I & II spells.

Spells Rituals
The Slow Cast
(Ritual Time 1 minute)
Hero casts a spell without stress. Casting 4+ / Efficiency 12+

Draw Natural Mana
(Ritual Time 5 minutes / Last One Hour)
The Hero spends one Mana Point to get 4 additional temporary Mana Points.

Activate Crystal
(Ritual Time 1 minute / Last Twelve Hours)
The Hero spends one Mana Point to get 2 temporary Mana Points (adjusted by the crystals quality).

Activate Wand
(Ritual Time 1 minute / Last One Hour)
Hero Spends one Mana Point and gets 12 rank I Mana Points.

Spells Lists
Fire Law: This is a very small list of Fire Base Magic originally taught by the Angels. It is very deadly as all of its attacks has the Bleed effect. Normal attacks are at Bleed 2 and Critical are Bleed 4. It is nearly impossible to survive a Bleed 4 without magical assistance.

Arcane Way: This is a broad list of spells of low power. Most are only Rank II spells.

Arcane Enchantments: These are personally made Magic Items that are activated with the Mages own Mana. They can be replaced but are expensive.
Rank II Spells

Rank II Spell List

Fire Blast
(Attack, Extended Melee)
The Hero shoots a small explosion of fire a short distance. Magic +3, 2d6 damage, Critical 18 + / +1d6 damage + Bleed!

Fire Bolt
(Attack, Range Thrown)
The Hero shoots a small explosion of fire at a single target about pole-arm length. Magic +2, 2d6 damage, Critical 19 + / +1d6 damage + Bleed!

Activate Ring of Haste
(20 minutes)
Quickness 5. Hero gets an additional action every 5th round.
(Reaction: Take an immediate Action and end duration)

Activate Armored Robes
(20 minutes)
Armor +2
(Reaction: take only 25% damage and end duration)

Activate Amulet of Protection
(Lasts 20 minutes)
Will +2
(Reaction: Re-roll failed Will Save at +2 and end duration)

Rank I Spells

(Attack, Melee Range)
The Hero shoots a small explosion of fire a short distance. Magic 2, 1d6 damage, Critical 19 / +1d6 damage & Bleed.

Iron Will
Target Will +1

Mostly harmless Fire show

Puts out a small fire or reduces a larger one.

Circle of Flames
A ring of fire surrounds a Target. It is almost harmless (Reflex 8+ or 1d4) but will discourage some and scare others.

Makes a distinct musical noise associated with the Hero.

Booming Voice
The Hero enchants his voice for special effect. Raises the Hero’s Threat by +3


Scarlet Magician

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