Modern Rogue

This is a Modern Rogue that is specialized in the Musket Rifle. This is the most powerful weapon in the world. He is also a great survivor and has the powerful Awareness skill that allows him to always be on guard.

Survivor: Grew up with eyes open, head on a swivel and always looking for the exit.

Bonuses: Awareness and Feign Death.
Saves +1.

Hits Points 15 / [ 21 ]
Evade 16
Armor 0

Fortitude +3
Reflex +2
Will +1
Fate : +0

Heal +1
Threat +5

Melee +1 / +1
Firearms +2 / +0


Charge: When the Hero engages a new Villain, he is Melee +2 / +2 for the first two rounds. It is important to realize the distinction that this does not help a Hero being engaged by a Villain.

Rapid Load: Can fire a Musket every round instead of every other round.

Brute: This Hero is Hit Points +3, Melee +0 / +1 and Threat +1

World Effects
No Armor: This Hero is Evade +1.

Fit & Healthy: Hero is Heal +1. If he was unwounded the day before, the Hero has a Damage Shield of 3.

Awareness: An automatic perception roll.

Feign Death When this Hero is below 50% hit points or takes a critical hit, he is very good at faking his own death.

Skills: Merchant, Higher Education and Local Lore



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