This Hero is highly specialized with the Longbow. This is a difficult weapon to master and is highly deadly.

Willpower: Known for his great focus and dedication to learning.

Bonuses: Studious and Force of Will.
Will +2

Hits Points: 15

Evade: 17
Armor: -

Fortitude: +1
Reflex: +3
Will: +2
Fate: +0

Heal : +1
Threat: +4

Archery +2 / +1


Fast Shot: When the Hero wins initiative, get an immediate bonus shot.

Zen Shot: Whenever the Hero misses his normal attack; he did not shoot but instead is said to have aimed at the target. If the next attack is on the same target, it is +2 to hit.

Nimble: This Hero is agile has Evade +1 and Reflex +1.

World Effects

No Armor: This Hero is Evade +1.


Carpenter: The Hero can oversea major woodworking design and execution.

Force of Will: When this Hero is unconscious, at the end of each turn he can make a Fort 13+ save to wake himself up. He gets slow limited actions.

Studious: This Hero gets a bonus +10% experience for buying and leveling skills. All his current skills are at +1.

Skills: Forest Survival, Skinning and Fetching



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