This is the modern fighter trained with firearms. He is also graceful making his action look effortlessly. This gives him extra actions at times making this Hero one of the fastest.

Charismatic: This Hero is a handsome likable man that inspires others around him.

Bonuses: Inspire and Mercy.
Will +2.

Hits Points 15

Evade 16
Armor 0

Fortitude +1
Reflex +2
Will +3
Fate +1

Heal +0
Threat +2

Firearms +2 / +1


Snap Shot: When the Hero wins initiative, he gets to take a free shot regardless of his action.

Grace: When the Hero rolls a “5” or a “15”, he gets to take an immediate action. The immediate action does not activate Grace or Reduce Fumbles.

Reduce Fumbles: Whenever the Hero rolls a “1” he gets to make a re-roll. This re-roll does not activate Grace or Reduce Fumbles.

World Effects

No Armor: This Hero is Evade +1.

Free Hand: Since this Hero is armed with only a Light Weapon, he is Reflex +1. He is also threat (-1).


Lucky in Life: Fate +1.

Inspire: This Hero can use his action to give another +1 to their action.

Mercy: NPCs are reluctant to kill this Hero and must Will 16+ to do so.

Skills: Sizing Up, Watch and Travel 



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