Holy Knight



This Hero started his life off in the school for magic but ultimately failed. He has some limited spells but is now pursuing other interest.

In his case, he has learned a very specialized and modern Conjurer’s Ceremonies focusing on Healing. This is taught though the catholic church for people that do not have the Divine Gift.

Conjurer: This Hero has some basic magical training giving him a limited number of low powered spells though Ceremonies.

Bonus: Ceremonies, Rituals and Healthy
Saves +1

Hits Points 15 / [ 18 ]

Evade 15
Armor 1

Fortitude +3
Reflex +1
Will +2
Fate +0

Heal +1
Threat +6
Magical Tolerance: 5 pts

Melee +2 / +1

Momentum: If this Hero hits in melee, his next attack has Slice. Slice: if he hits with a Melee attack, he gets to make an immediate attack or a Cleave attack.

Intimidation: If this Hero hits in melee, he is Armor +1 until the end of next round. He is also naturally threat +1.

World Effects
Armored: This Hero wears Armor. He also suffers from the Fatigue rule.

Two-Handed: Using a Melee weapon two-handed is damage +3.

Ceremonies: This Hero can make Ceremonies castings of low magic per the Conjurer rules.

Rituals: This Hero can cast the Common Rituals per the Magical Tolerance rules.

Healthy: Hero is Heal +1. If he was undamaged and well rested the day before, he has a Damage Shield of 3.

Skills: Catholic Lore and Desert Survival


(Ritual: One Hour) (Duration: One Day)
Targets equal (Level x2 minus one)

Clarity of Mind
Target is Heal +1 & Will +2

War Preparation
Target has Bleed (-1) & Death HP +10

Deep Heal
Target gets a Sleep Heal 3d6+1


(Casting: 5 minutes)

Protection 2pts
Target is Damage Shield +1

Sharping 2pts
Weapon is +1 damage on next two hits.


Holy Knight

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