All inhumans face deep racism. These Monsters survive by passing as Low Humans (some do not know they are monsters). But if you like to play the outsider with strange customs, abilities and origins, then the Hobgoblin might be for you. He is an amazing climber and has a natural claw attack.

Hobgoblin: This is a Monster that can “hide” within Human Society. They are hard to detect but are obviously “Low-Bloods”.

Bonus: Hobgoblin, The Climb and Rake
Disadvantage: Sensitive Ears and Low-Blood.

Hits Points 15

Evade 17
Armor 1

Fortitude +1
Reflex +4
Will (-1)
Fate (-1)

Heal (-1)
Threat +3

Melee +3 / +1

Hobgoblin: All bonuses have been added above.

Quickness 5: Hero gets a bonus action at the end of every 5th round.

The Climb: Hobgoblins are amazing climbers. They are Climb +6, Leap +3 and Fall +5.

Rake: When the Hero wins Initiative, he gets to make a second attack with his Claw. This is d6 damage. If he hits, the Villain must Reflex 7+ or be stunned.

World Effects
No Armor: This Hero is Evade +1.

Sensitive Ears: This Hero has Aware in quite places though his hearing. But he cannot handle loud noise. Gunfire nearby him can stun him.

Low-Bloods: This Hero will have to endure a lot of racial prejudice. They also have higher threat (+2) and receive less empathy.

Skills: Mining



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