This Hero started his career in a pursuit of becoming a Mage but ultimately failed to become one. He changed his path into performance as a clown. This Hero is an excellent knife thrower and gymnast. But he still knows some secrets from his path as a Mage.

Talisman: This Hero knows the Low Magic of Incantations

Bonus: Incantations, Rituals and Nimble.
Will +2

Hits Points 15

Evade 17
Armor -

Fortitude +1
Reflex +5
Will +2
Fate +0

Heal +0
Threat +2

Melee +1 / +0
Thrown +2 / +0

Flanking: This Hero is Melee +2 / +0 when he is in melee but isn’t engaged.

Quick Throw: If this Hero makes a thrown attack and hits, then he gets to make an immediate action.

World Effects
No Armor: This Hero is Evade +1.

Light Weapons This Hero uses only light weapons and has less threat and Quickness 7.

Incantation: This Hero charges items and cast Incantations per the Talisman rules.

Rituals: This Hero can cast the Common Rituals per the Magical Tolerance rules.

Nimble: His Hero is Evade +1 & Reflex +1

Draw Circle: This Hero can spend 30 minutes and create a magical casting circle. In this circle, he can activate it for one mana. He gets three additional slots and can cast his spells as actions.

Skills: Showmanship, Disguise and Gymnastics


Charge Weapon
Item is +1 / +1 for the next five rounds.

Steal Shirt
Item is Armor +1 for the next five rounds.

Ray of Blur
Will 13+ or target loses a half-action this round and next

Magic Missiles
Target Reflex 14+ or takes 1d6 damage (+2 for every 3 points failed by)


Healing 2pts
(Ritual 20 minutes)
Target gets Cure 1d4 points and is Heal (-1)

Minor Atunement 1pts
Atunement +2



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