All inhumans face deep racism. This Hero is no exception. But if you like to play the outsider with strange customs, abilities and origins, then the Half-Orc might be for you. He is the strongest when in the wilds where he can hear the “GreenSong” of nature.

Half-Orc: A monster that is accepted into lower Human Society as long as “he knows his place”.

Bonuses: Orc Tough, Green-Song, Head-butt
Disadvantages: Mule and Low-Blood.

Hits Points 22

Evade 16
Armor 1

Fortitude +2
Reflex +3
Will (-1)
Fate +0

Heal (-1)*
Threat +4

Melee +2 / +2
Thrown +2 / +2
Archery +2 / +1
Unarmed +2 / +1

Orc Tough: All bonuses have been added above.

Head-butt: Anytime the Hero gets surprise or hits with two melee attack in a row, he gets to make a immediate unarmed attack. The Villain must Reflex 13+ or takes 1d6 and be knocked down. The Hero can also make this his action for the round.

Green-Song: When the Orc is in an undisturbed, virgin natural environment, he can access the Green-Song. He gets the following bonus:

Quickness 4 (a bonus action every 4th round)
Heal +3!

World Effects
No Armor: This Hero is Evade +1.

Two-Handed: Using a Melee Weapon two-handed is damage +3.

Sterile: This Character cannot have children.

Low-Bloods: This Hero will have to endure a lot of racial prejudice. They also have higher threat (+2) and receive less empathy.

Skills: Tracking, Ambush, Wilderness Survival and Nature Guide.



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