This Hero has been given the Secrets of Faith Powers by the Angelic Catholic Church for his commitment and duties. He is a devout follower of Luke the Healer. He also has some military training and isn’t afraid to pick up a Sword and get dirty. He is an all around balance Hero with both Melee and Supporting powers.

Athlete: This guy is all around fit, fast and strong.

Bonuses: Quickness 5 and Perfection.
Saves +1

Hits Points 18

Evade 17
Armor 1

Fortitude +2
Reflex +2
Will +2
Fate +1

Heal +0
Threat +4

Melee +2 / +2
Thrown +0 / +1
Archery +0 / +1
Firearms +0 / +1

Military Training: This Hero is Evade +1 and Hit Points +3.

Block and Attack: When this Hero takes Critical Damage he reduces it by 50% and makes an immediate attack at +2 / +2. He also gets to make this attack on any round he falls unconscious or dies.

Faith Recovery: Each dawn the Hero awakes with all Faith Powers restored. Each Faith Power can be used once a day.

Follower of Luke: Inspired by Luke the Healer all his Healing spells are at +2 Heal.

Communion: Once per week, this Hero can give a mass where he gives out Blessing of God (BoG) to up to Himself and (Levex2) Targets. These will be BoG for the week or until they lose it.

World Effects
Armored: This Hero wears Armor. He also suffers from the Fatigue rule.

Shield: This Hero uses a Shield and gets Evade +2.

Quickness 5: This Hero gets a bonus end of round action every 5th round.

Perfection: This Hero is naturally +1 to damage due to his athletic nature.

Skills: Showmanship

Faith Powers

Mass Cure Light Wounds
(Ritual 5 minutes)
Cure 1d6+2 on (level+1)x2 targets.
If BoG then an additional Heal +3

Lay on Hands
Target is Bleed (-2) and Aid 1.
If BoG then an additional Healing Aid 1d4+2.

Divine Strength
(Action / 30 minutes)
Target is Fortitude +2.
If BoG then an additional Melee +0 / +2 & Thrown + 0/ +1.

Inner Fire
(Action / 30 minutes)
Target is Bleed (-2).
If BoG then an additional Armor +1.



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