This Hero was born with the rare Mark of the Elements and was given the training as a Shaman. Shamans were the original Leaders of Mankind but were forced to go into hiding for thousands of years. In the modern world, they are seen as relics of a different age.

Perception: Excellent vision and focus on the presence.

Bonuses: Awareness and Good Eyes.
Saves +1.

Hits Points 15 (+5)

Evade 17
Armor 1

Fortitude +2
Reflex +2
Will +1
Fate +1

Heal +0
Threat +6

Melee +1 / +1
Firearms +1 / +1

Shaman Powers: Each Shaman Power can be used twice a day: once in the morning and once in the Evening.

World Effects
Armored: This Hero wears Armor. He also suffers from the Fatigue rule.

Shield: This Hero knows how to use a Shield and gets Evade +2.

Awareness: An automatic perception roll.

Good-Eyes: Natural Good Shot and is +1 / +1 with all Firearms.

Skills: Wilderness Survival

Shaman Earth Powers

Meditation of Stone Heart
(1 minute to casts/ 20 min. duration)
Armor +2.
Melee +1 / +1.

Meditation of Fury
(1 minute to casts/ 20 min. duration)
Quickness: 3 (bonus action every third round).
Melee +1 / +1

Hero takes 50% damage from all attacks this round and next.

Blast of Earth
An AOE straight-line attack extending 15 yards from Hero. Reflex 14+ or takes 1d10 and knocked-down! Knocked-down can only make half-movements next round they are also easy to disengage, flank or avoid.

Charm of Hearth
(Permanent as long as the Hero is near the ground and not in Water, on a Boat, or in the Sky or other non-Earthy Element.)
Hit Points +5



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