This Hero started his life off in the school for magic but ultimately failed. She has some limited spells but is now pursuing other interest.

In his case, she has used his training to become a successful businessman knowledgeable with magic items. She uses his minor magical skills to find their purpose and value. She also has melee training in Man-to-Man fighting.

Enchanter: This Hero uses Magical Circles to cast Charms and Enchantments.

Bonus: Circles & Rituals
Will +2

Hits Points 15

Evade 15
Armor +1

Fortitude +1
Reflex +0
Will +4
Fate +0

Heal +0
Threat +4
Magical Tolerance: 5 pts

Melee +2 / +1

Man-to-Man: This Hero is Melee +2 / +0 when he is in melee fighting a single Villain alone.

Step-Though: Whenever this Hero defeats a Villain, he gets an immediate Action.

World Effects
Armored: This Hero wears Armor. He also suffers from the Fatigue rule.

Two-Handed: Using a Melee Weapon two-handed is damage +3.

Circles: This Hero makes Magical Circles per the Enchanter rules.

Rituals: This Hero can cast the Common Rituals per the Magical Tolerance rules.

Skills: Identify, Travel and Riding

Magical Circles

Charm of Strength
(20 minutes) (Only one charm can be active on a person at a time)
Target gets Fortitude +1, Melee +0 / +2 and Thrown +0 / +1

Charm of Shield
(20 minutes) (Only one charm can be active on a person at a time)
Target gets a Damage Shield of d4.


(Cast: 5 minutes)

Identify 2pts
+4 to identify to learn about the nature of a magical item.

Attune 2pts
Fate or Will +4 for alignment checks with items.



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