Wizardry was the first of the created magics, taught not by Titan or Angel. It sought to unite the magics into one art. The first Wizard, Merlin succeeded in this and became the greatest Mage of all time. But upon his passing he left behind a confusing discipline. Confusing to novice mage, the school faded in time. In the 17th century, a new streamline Art returned and gained popularity.

Mark of the Elements: This Hero was born with the Mark of Shamans. He was destined to be a Shaman but learned Magic instead. Not uncommon these days.
Bonus: Maverick and Deep Mana.
Saves +1

Hit Points 15
Evade 16
Armor -
Heal -

Fortitude +3
Reflex +1
Will +3
Fate +0
Threat +3 / +8

Melee +1 / +0
Magic +2 / +2

Mage Training: This Hero has access to the Arcane Ways, Wizard Ways and Cosmic Ways.

World Effects
No Armor: This Hero is Evade +1.

Maverick: This Hero is a magical talent getting +1 / +1 with all his spells. His durations are 25% longer as well.

Deep Pools: This Hero has two extra spell slots.

Skills: Higher Education

Casting: Each Spell requires a Casting roll. This is at 5+ to succeed. If the roll is 16+ then the spell was Efficient and is free.

Mana Pool: The Hero has 6 Mana Points a day. All Spells require one Mana Point.

Recover Mana: Hero must rest to replenish his pool. This requires a Recovery roll if less than twelve hours. There are many modification but on average 4 hours of rest is at a Fate 12+.

Spell Ranks: There are five Rankings of Spell power. First level Heroes can learn Rank I & II spells.

Spells Rituals

The Slow Cast
(Ritual Time 1 minute)
Hero casts a spell without stress. Casting 4+ / Efficiency 12+

Draw Natural Mana
(Ritual Time 5 minutes / Last One Hour)
The Hero spends one Mana Point to get 4 additional temporary Mana Points.

Activate Crystal
(Ritual Time 1 round / Last Twelve Hours)
The Hero spends one Mana Point to get 2 temporary Mana Points (adjusted by the crystals quality).

Activate Rod
(Ritual Time 1 minute / Last One Hour)
Hero Spends one Mana Point and gets 8 rank I Mana Points.

Spells Lists

Arcane Ways: A common magic that uses Arcane Magic. This is an energy source that is very malleable and has mass. It is not lethal and does less damage to non-living things. Arcane Plasma does not cause bleeding.

Wizard Way: This is a broad list of spells drawing from all the elements. It is not very well developed and most of the spells are uncommon and hard to find.

Cosmic Ways: Draws power from the Cosmic Energy, the base of all magic and arts. Not very well defined but deadly. These spells have the Disintegration Effect, causing the dead to instantly evaporate.

Rank II
Spell List

Cosmic Blast
(Attack, Thrown)
Fortitude 14 or take 1d10+2. Anyone taken to negative hit points has a chance of Disintegration.

Arcane Plasma
(Attack, Long Thrown)
Casts a blast of Plasma energy that the Hero can make some minor control of while in flight. Magic +8, 1d6 +2 damage, Critical 19 + / x2

Earth Armor
(Hour + fifteen minutes)
Target has a damage shield of 1d6+3 hit points. He also has An additional 5 point damage shield vs. Fire, Ice, Acid and Shock attacks while the first Damage Shield Lasts.

Arcane Armor
(Hour + fifteen minutes)
Armor +1
(Hero Action: reduce damage by 50% from a single attack)

Arcane Steps
Leap +8
Hero uses Arcane Magic to enhance his run and jump. He takes several extra steps in the air getting greater height.

Rank I

Cosmic Burn
(Attack, Melee Range)
Fortitude or Reflex 13 or take 1d6+2. Anyone taken to negative hit points has a chance of Disintegration.

Earth Sense
An Awareness “Ping” giving the Hero a greater chance of detecting anyone touching the Earth in a 120’ radius.

Arcane Focus
(Hour + fifteen minutes)
Target gets Will +1
If Hero, he gets Will +2 and all Intelligence base skill rolls +1

Puts out a small fire or reduces a larger one.

(Hour + fifteen minutes)
Makes a light source.

Pure Water
Creates minor healing potions that give targets 1d4 sleep heals and Heal +1 the following day.



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