the Fifth Age of Ert

Recap 9

The Party was considering the offer of the Warlocks of gold to leave them alone. Meanwhile the Longbowman was scouting out the area. He saw that the Warlocks were readying an ambush on the Party. Unable to reach the party in time, he planned his own ambush.

Fortunately for the party, the Warlocks failed to surprise them. They faced a massive monster, modified by the Warlock Magic. They quickly killed the beast and turn the fight against the Warlocks. Both the Padre and Squire suffered massive wounds. The Padre nearly died.

The Squire looked after the Padre, as the Party pushed their advantage against the Warlocks. There was another batter. There was a couple of close calls, but in the end the Party defeated the Warlocks. Only one of them escaped.

They looted the Plantation finding several nice items. From there they returned to the Monsters they made the deal with. They were provided with canoes and have a clear path to Kansas City.

They are returning home.


WhiteMango WhiteMango

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