the Fifth Age of Ert

Recap 13

In Montreal they picked up the Magician. He is a divine Sorcerer hunter from France who had a vision of the coming of Grom. He is convinced that he is to be apart of Grom’s demise and sailed half way around the world to join the fight.

The Party traveled south to a small unnamed trading outpost at the edge of Canada. There they learned that they had to pass though the lands controlled by the deformed Giant, Ullag. They decided to buy some snow dogs and made their way to their goal.

Just to point out a few things on how they prepared. First they didn’t gather much information at the trading post about Ullag. They knew Ullag guarded his lands like a Warlord. But they didn’t ask if Ullag can be traded with. They didn’t try to hire local scouts to take them though his lands. They didn’t try to figure out how the Orcs passed though his lands. Nope. They just venture forward.

So they get to Ullag’s lands and quickly get found by two giants. The giants took the party prisoner without a fight and lead them into the heart of Ullag’s frosty realm.

Ullag is a large deformed giant with over a dozen of his kin and large wolves. Ullag was angry that the party did not come with Tribute to pay to the Terrible Warlord of the South. He showed the party his killing field, where he dumps the bodies of his enemies. He then showed the Party the tribute paid by the Orcs several years back: a dozen fine Orc dogs. He then returned the party to their prison (an open empty field) while he decided how to kill them.

Then Ullag had an idea. The mountains to the west there is an ancient mines of the Mayan Earth god Ah Uuc Ticab. Four hundred years ago, Ice Goblins squatted these massive tunnels. The Goblins have been so successful there, they have spilled out of the mines and now invade his lands.

Ullag found and killed hundreds of Goblins. The Goblin King in return has stolen his prize spear. Ullag has decided the send the party on a suicide mission to find his spear. With no promise of being spared upon success. He told them he would just “think about not killing them if they succeed”.

Having no choice in the matter, they were taken to a “backdoor” into the Goblin Kingdom. Upon arrival, hundreds of Goblins arrived to fight the party. Our four Heroes with no escape path, fought the Goblins. They killed over forty of the small devilish beast until they fled.

The Party was covered with the blood of the Ice Goblins, that sapped way their strength with a chill. Needing to escape the area, they venture deeper into the dungeon. After exploring a few rooms that the Goblins have retreated from they found a door that seem untouched by the Goblins. They entered.

It was a massive shrine deicated to an unknown Mayan woman. Exploring the shrine awoke ancient Animated Guards that attacked the Party. Armored Skeletons armed with Magical Weapons attacked. First they dropped the Squire and then the Artificer. Meanwhile, the cries of the dead drove the Arms Master into a temporary berserker madness.

Only the Magician stood between the fallen being sacrificed to an Iron Maiden. He managed to save the Squire and by then the Arms Master returned from his madness. They defeated the Skeleton Knights.

We ended the night the party retreating to one side of the room as the remaining Skeletons retreated to their side of the room…


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