the Fifth Age of Ert

Recap 11

The Party spent more time trying to figure out how to find Black Kettle though Angry Cricket. It was another two months of wandering around her area until they found her.

Black Kettle was nearby and only had one small clue for them. That he believed they were with the “Mayan daughter of the Sun”. But that didn’t mean anything to anyone.

They reported back to the Arms Master with their clue in Kansas City. Research was made and they leaned of an Arctic Temple to a Mayan Titan that could be the place. It was far to the south on the highest peak of the continent.

They made preparations to travel there. But first they wanted to return to the Temple of Itzumna where there is said to be a Mayan Map Room. There they hope to get details on how to find it (right now they have a general idea of where it is located).

On the way to the temple, in the Mohawk territory, they were ambushed by War Pig. The Party defeated the Orcs, but the Longbowman was captured when he scouted immediately after the fight.

We ended with the Longbowman putting down his arms unknown of what is fate will be.


WhiteMango WhiteMango

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