the Fifth Age of Ert

Recap 10

The Party arrived in Knoxville then railed to Louisville. After debriefing the Army Command, the Arms Master was promoted to Major. He was given the mission to support the efforts in Nevada against the Orcs. He was to form a company and make way to Fort Reno.

The rest of the party was given two weeks leave. The Artificer requested extra time so she could go to New York to sell her Angelic Sword. She got a lot of gold for the item while selling it to a museum for it’s historical value. She then made way back to Tenseness with plans of joining the Arms Master new Company in Fort Reno. She was given the Rank of Sergent.

The Longbowman didn’t have many plans. He sold and bought some items. He then made his way to Fort Reno to join the Arm’s Master. He was commissioned and given the Rank of Lieutenant.

The Squire was also offered a place in the new Company but he decided to follow his families tradition and joined a new Calvary unit forming in Fort Albuquerque. He was commissioned and given the Rank of Lieutenant in the Kentucky Calvary.

Meanwhile, shortly after arriving the Duelist was arrested for the Murder of Jay Wilcox in Canada. This was trumped up charges by Doctor Bodo (the Bounty Hunter). Nothing more than a legal ruse to get the Duelist into Canada. Either for extradition or murder. He was held in a Military Jail waiting extradition to Canada. He was assigned a Military Lawyer, Warren Officer Winston Beauregard.

Winston spend no time at all in finding out how much money his new Client had and proceeded to delay the extradition order. He contacted the Duelist’s family for funds and was quickly meet (before the letter could even arrive in the Confederacy) by the Lawyer Lue.

Lue is a Lawyers of the politically powerful James Marshal of the Confederacy. Unable to directly practice law in the States, he advised the young Lawyer Winston that there were powerful Political forces working behind the scene against the Duelist. They were running out of legal delays and needed to find a way to save the Duelist.

Officer Winston made the trip out to Fort Reno to speak to the Arms Master for any compelling reason that could save his friend from extradition (and to expected death). The Arms Master talked to his new commander, General Ways and found a way out.

The Duelist was promoted to the rank of Captain. He was then given a vital mission. He was to travel to the Shaw-nee territory and look for Angry Cricket, Black Kettle or any other Orc that can give him information about the Daughters of Red Cloud.

The Arms Master had been lobbying the General for this mission. He believes securing the Daughters is important for the War Effort. That the Daughters of Red Cloud are the only Orc maidens capable of providing heirs to the new Orc Giant, Grom. One Orc Giant has united the Orcs and is causing all of this trouble, imagine generation of Orc Giants.

The Arms Master decided that only the Duelist’s with his personal experience in the field was the only officer who could lead this mission. National security trumps politics for High Command.

The Duelist was released from jail and given his order. He immediately had the Lawyer draft papers to have all the Party members placed under his command. He also got six Tennessee Riflemen under his command. And they headed out to the Kansas Territory.

They decided to seek out Screaming Horse, current leader of the Shaw-nee to help them find the Orc’s they seek. They had forgotten that the Artificer had dishonored him in the past by taking his Axe or they hoped the Orc had forgotten it by now.

They came upon an Orc Hunting Party lead by Running Rabbit who agreed to take them to Screaming Horse’s camp. At the first stop, the Artificer ran into one of the six Orcs that was with Screaming Horse at the Sacred Grounds. The Artificer is known as Bob the Liar and Thief, by the Orcs that were with Screaming Horse when she stole the Axe.

The Orc attacked the her over the dishonored Axe. She won the duel, but it was a sign of what to come.

Running Rabbit brought them to the Summer Camps of the Shaw-nee. Screaming Horse wasn’t there, but another Orc recognized Bob the Liar and Thief. This time brought a mob of ten Orcs to confronted the Party.

The Duelist tried to reason with the Orcs, but when it comes to Honor Orcs are not reasonable. It started out as a Skirmish with a few Orcs trying to kill the Artificer and Duelist but then it turned into a major battle.

The Duelist was knock unconscious and dying while the party fought the Orcs. He was saved, but he was minutes away from death. Five of the Soldiers died with most of the Orcs. The Party barely won.

We ended the evening with other Shaw-nee Orcs in the camp taking away the dead. They are in the middle of Shaw-nee territory and now realize that Screaming Horse is returning. And when it comes to Orcs, there is no reasoning your way out of Honor. Bob the Liar and Thief must die for them to continue…


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