the Fifth Age of Ert

Experience Update 9

This night had the biggest spread so far with both the Padre and Squire sitting out of the last night. Also the Padre was still unconscious when the decision to burn the Warlock items were made, excluding him from a nice bonus. Because of that both of them did not level this week but are in good shape to level next time.

Only the Artificer leveled this week. And she had to borrow to do so.

Lastly, the Arms Master is an experience machine. He has gotten the most experience each week but one. And with his Captain bonus (about +15 each week) and his Dominance of most fights, he is on the fast track to level 4. He also has Studious that give free experience for buying skills, so that isn’t even slowing him down.

At his current pace he will be level 4 in three session while the Duelist who is next behind him might take 5-7 nights!


WhiteMango WhiteMango

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